203 pokerplayer fought in nine German casinos for the qualification of the 9th German Poker Championship

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)
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Over 2 days the preliminary rounds for the 9th German poker championship in Seven-Card Stud Spread Limit were played in the Spielbank Baden-Baden, Spielbank Bad Homburg, Spielbank Bad Zwischenahn, Spielbank Berlin, Spielbank Feuchtwangen, Spielbank Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Spielbank Hamburg, Casino Schenefeld and Spielbank Wiesbaden.

From 30.11.2001 to 01.12.2001 the largest common poker event of the German casinos started. Altogether this year nine casinos (200, 15) with 203 pokerplayers from different countries participated. Again the traditional Sven-Card Stud Spread Limit poker tournament was played. In the Casino Baden-Baden, a field of 30 players (35 players 2000) began under the tournament line of the pokermanager Mr. Jörger and Mr. Klaus Birk. Many well-known players from the German poker scene, like Horst Koch, Christian Danner, Joachim Hempler, Lothar Spallek, Andreas Krause, Robert Zipf, Peter Pavlic, Horst Hensler, Karl Graf and Yin Zhou meet themselves and went on their drawn lots seats at 20 o´clock to qualify for the final on the 14.12 and 15. 12. 2001. Also from Switzerland, France and from Italy players had arrived. Alfons Jäggi, Bruno Giuliano, H. Resta, H. Capone and Saul Berdugo, in order to call only some.

Already from the start it was hard fought for each hand and each jeton. Already in the first evening 60 rebuys were transacted. Under others took Christian Danner and Mr. Sudmann in the first evening the entire possible rebuy (6 rebuys) in requirement. Mr. Steinbach left already in the 2nd level, so that there were only 29 players. The atmosphere under the poker players was friendly. This continued also on Saturday the 1.12.2001. Up to the sixth level the most players played tactically on time, in order to receive as much as possible tournament jetons, which they could receive with purchase of the remaining rebuys.

The structure was so contructed that it was possible to get up to 36.000 tournament jetons for the 6 rebuys, which each player could transact in such a way. So each player had to pay a start cash of 1000,-DM, for which he received 1000 tournament jetons and could buy in up to six times à 400,- DM with loss of the jetons. Example for rebuy: If a player transacted still not one rebuy up to the sxth limit, then he has the possibility, at the latest after the last coup of the sixth limit to transact up to six rebuys to in each case 400,- DM. He receives thus max. for 2400,- DM (6 × 400,-) further tournament jetons in the fictitious value of 36.000, (6 × 6.000).

However only 2 players received this. Joachim Hempler, who despite of his chipleader position unfortunately lose as the 10th and thus miss the qualification around a place, and Thomas Weiss, who has to leave his seat exactly on Saturday evening at 22.22 h. Laconically he noticed: „Just with a liquor number I had to lose my play.“ Also Horst Weiss could not achieve the qualification and left 4 places before the finaltables.

Altogether 9 players achieved the final, which automatically qualify for the large final in the casino Baden-Baden also on 14.12-15.12.2001. It was an exciting play with many ups and downs for all participants. Alfons Jäggi from Switzerland had to go unsuccessfully All In and left as the 9th, one place before the prize money, which could additionally be won in the preliminary round. Nevertheless he was pleased that he was able to play around the title of the 9th German master. The remaining 8 finalists fought now for a prize money of 54.500,-DM.

„Franko“ Capone received for his 8th place 1635,- DM, followed by Robert Zipf (7. Place, 2180,- DM), H. Resta (6. Place, 2725,- DM), R. Eibel (5. Place, 3270,- DM) and Mr. Peter Pavlic, who was pleased about the fourth place and a prize money of 4360,-DM. The three firstplaced Egon Müller (3. Place), H. Meermadn (3. place) and H. Adamescu (1. Place) agreed upon a deal und distributed the remaining prize money of 40.300,- DM after their jeton status.

Praise is due to the dealers as well as the tournament line who delivered a outstanding performance, despite of some emotions of players. Also the service was strengethened, so that, a smooth operational sequence was ensured also here.

Wolfgang Pileki, who participated in the casino Wiesbaden (14 participants), left as the 8th and could not repeat his success from the last year. Manfred Daries who tried his luck again in the casino Bad Zwischenahn (35), lost once again with his in the meantime well-known „ladies and aces“ and left as 12th. Two places before the qualification of the large final (10).

The casino Hamburg (40) send now 23 finalists, Bad Zwischenahn (35) 10, Baden -Baden (30) 9, Garmisch-Partenkirchen (23) 8, Schenefeld (20) 6, Berlin (20) 6, Feuchtwangen (13) und Wiesbaden (14) 5 und Bad Homburg (8) 2 to the large final.

The ISA-CASINOS congratulates all winners and requires them much luck and a Royal Flash in the final.