All eyes are focussed on Karlsruhe

Rechtsanwalt Martin Arendts, M.B.L.-HSG

Arendts Rechtsanwälte
Perlacher Str. 68
D - 82031 Grünwald (bei München)
Dear Readers,

In our last newsletter, we reported on the decision pending before the German Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe. In view of the planned comprehensive constitutional clarification, a great number of courts have responded by suspending current competition law, adminstrative law and criminal law proceedings in anticipation of the Constitutional Court Decision.

Astonishingly, the actual addressees of the letter (which we cited in our last newsletter) from the Federal Constitutional Court, the local regulatory authorities, appear to be the least affected by it. Despite the clear request from the highest German court, many of the regulatory authorities wish to continue to enforce interdiction orders against betting shops by means of socalled direct enforcement which carries the threat of sealing betting offices and the seizure of computers and printers, if the operators of the betting offices do not close overnight. This is unlikely to please the Constitutional Court who will probably have even more work as a result.

European Gambling Briefing on the 25th and 26th of April 2005 in Brussels

One of the most important events relating to European Gambling Law will take place in Brussels in April 2005. Senior representatives from supervisory authorities, specialised lawyers and advisers will speak on recent legal developments – from our point of view, this presents a great opportunity to exchange views and information on new economic prospects, regulatory questions as well as advertising options.

Lawyer Martin Arendts will speak on the recent developments in Germany and will be available to answer questions throughout the conference.