Liechtenstein to offer remote gaming licence?

Rechtsanwalt Martin Arendts, M.B.L.-HSG

Arendts Rechtsanwälte
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The Pricipality of Liechtenstein might follow the role model of Gibraltar and offer remote gaming licenses. The head of the government, Otmar Hasler, recently announced that a consulation paper with the draft of a new Casino Act (Spielbankengesetz) will be completed by February 2008 and published soon afterwards. According to Hasler, the Casino Act will also cover remote gambling.

Liechtenstein is a tiny, but sovereign state, situated between Austria and Switzerland. However, unlike Switzerland, Liechtenstein is a full member of the European Economic Area (EEA) Agreement. This Agreement guaratees the freedom to provide services within the EEA (EU member states and – apart from Liechtenstein – Iceland and Norway). So, a Liechtenstein licence might be interesting for remote gaming operators offering their services on a pan-European scale to customers in the EEA member states.