Case concerning Sports Betting to come up for a hearing before the German Federal Constitutional Court on November 8th 2005

Rechtsanwalt Martin Arendts, M.B.L.-HSG

Arendts Rechtsanwälte
Perlacher Str. 68
D - 82031 Grünwald (bei München)
It took longer than most would have expected, but now the proceedings before the Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht) approach the final round. Last week the 1st Senate ruling upon the constitutional complaint with the case no. 1 BvR 1054/01 decided to hold a hearing on the case. As the press office communicated today, this hearing in going to take place on

Tuesday, November 8th 2005

at 10:00 a.m.

in the court room of the Federal Constitutional Court

Schlossbezirk, Karlsruhe.

We will observe the hearing (which is open to the public within the capacity of the court rooms), which is of utmost importance for the parallel cases to come up, and will give you a detailed report in November.