ICE North America Digital 2020

11th – 15th May 2020 – Ultimate digital content experience, with three hours of awesome content each day for 5 days

Coming to a screen near you soon, ICE North America Digital has been designed to deliver the expert insights you expected from this year’s exhibition and conference, even while most of us are at home.

The pressure on you isn’t off, just because the world as we know it has pivoted. In fact, quite the opposite – you’ve had to get used to a new way of working and it’s a challenge to keep up with developments in your Gaming industry under these conditions.

So we’ve gone back to the drawing board for you and – following the postponement of the in-person ICE North America exhibition and conference in New Orleans – we’re bringing you a whole week of streamed industry content, discussions and debate, that you can access from wherever you are.


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