First Multi-Player Roulette of Austrian Gaming Industries in South Africa

Over the past 12 months alone, Austrian Gaming Industries (AGI) has sold more than 100 Multi Player
Roulette Systems including over 1000 terminals supplying almost every Casino in Europe with its
current product line. Following the recent installation of a system in Caesars Gauteng Casino Resort,
South Africa has its first Multi-Player Roulette device- a documentation at the same time of the
international acknowledgement of high-tech gaming innovations of NOVOMATIC Group, as AGI managing
director Jens Halle points out.

With 1500 slot machines and 50 live game tables, Caesars Gauteng Casino Resort is one of the largest
casinos in South Africa and following the installation of a Multi-Player- Roulette the House now has
a new attraction. The Multi-Player Roulette System consists of 8 terminals, where each player can
place their bets on a touch-screen monitor. The terminals are grouped around a fully automated
roulette wheel, which changes its direction of spin in every game. Compressed air is used to launch
and spin the ball with varying speed in the wheel, thus providing for an authentic live game
experience linked with advanced slot gaming technology.

In order to offset the downward trend of live games in casinos, NOVOMATIC Group, one of the leading
integrated gaming groups in the world, challenged its Research, Production and Sales subsidiary AGI
in the mid-90ies to find a solution that would combine the fascination of live games with
state-of-the-art slot technology, remembers AGI´s managing director Jens Halle. Since that time, AGI
invests almost 10 percent of its annual sales revenues in research and development and employs a
staff of 80 highly qualified computer and networking experts in its R&D department.

Mega-sellers such as Multi-Player Roulette, Touchbet™Roulette and the most recent product,
Flying Roulette are the result of the high quality of the development work. „The development of
Touchbet™Roulette alone required an investment of some 25 million EURO„, added Mr. Halle in

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