Phenomenal X-mas-presents for all Poker players

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

From 19.11.2001 to 24.12.2001 the Card Casino Pokerworld in Vienna offers its tournaments as “ Free Buy in tournaments “ for all Poker players. Also the 500,000, – ATS – tournament in December is enclosed in this package.

The X-mas-time is outside the doors. For the first time in the Poker history goes a Casino a completely new and sensational way to thank its poker player for their loyalty and offers „Free Buy In Tournaments“. Even the well known large monthly Event with a guaranteed prize money of 500.000, – ATS will be a „Free Buy In Tournament“. This Poker event takes place from the 05.12.2001 to 08.12.2001 in the Pokerworld Casino in Vienna. Already from the start on 19.11.2001 118 Poker player participated in a Seven Stud Pot limit tournament. This trend might be rising to 100%.

The ISA-CASINOS spoke with the Pokermanager Manfred Engstler, as he got this great and sensational idea. Without exaggeration and varnishing Manfred Engstler:

„We held now regularly fully visited Poker tournaments. Also the „Big Events“, with which prize moneys of half a million were guaranteed, exceeded by far our expectations. Each tournament was fully occupied and always found a positive resonance. This gift, which we offer now to our faithful Poker guests is not because we want to have a full house, because our tournaments are well known and always fully occupied, but it is a thank brought to all Poker player. Surely we know that also very many Pokerspieler now take part additionally in one of the Free Buy in tournament, but this is made up by the possible Rebuys of each individual tournament. We, the Poker management, are with these X-mas-campaign very confidently although we have to pay some tournaments. In any case our Poker player notices by this X-mas-campaign that he is always welcome in our house.“

The Casino Pokerworld, which already made itself a name in the Poker scene far beyond Europe, is also the venue of the 1. Pokerworld-ISA-CASINOS – World Cups of the ISA-CASINOS, in cooperation with ISA-CASINOS partner the Guenther publishing house (K. Günther) and Pokerworld. This yearly event will take place on 13 January 2002 in the Pokerworld. Supersatelites already take place. These are offered each Tuesday and Thursday. With a Buy in of 300. ATS Unlimited Rebuys in the first levels as well as an ADD On to qualify for the 1. Pokerworld-ISA-CASINOS – World Cup. Who couldnt qualify has the possibility to buy in for 10.500. – ATS. Texas Holdem NO limit is played with the Freeze Out system. Additinally to the prize money The ISA-CASINOS in cooperation with its partner the Günther publishing house sponsors ATS 200.000,– for additional prizes. The ISA-CASINOS will report locally and exclusively from the 5. -9,12,2001 and the large termination tournament of the yearly 2001 that 1. Pokerworld ISA-Cup.

We want to give all Poker player the advice to get this X-mas-present and play on 13.01.2002 at the Texas Hold’em No Limit tounament in the Pokerworld and get the interesting prize money!