Interview with Christian Kaisan – professional roulette player from Leipzig, called „the Sachse“

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

Christian Kaisan, divorced, 3 children, 60 years old, is one the most reknown Rouletteplayer in the world. With his method, to observe the roulette-pot as so-called „Kesselgucker“, he has already been winning some millions in many Casinos over the whole world.
The „Kesselgucker“, of which he says himself, what for a crazy name, has stood for speech and respond to the editor-in-chief, Reinhold Schmitt, from ISA-CASINOS.

ISA-CASINOS, editor-in-chief, Reinhold Schmitt: Since when do you play roulette and how did you come to the gaming?

Christian Kaisan: It began all in 1972 in my hometown Leipzig.

There is a racecourse, which I visited regularly and where I had bet also small, small amounts. One day I saw people, who were setting up some camping tables in front of the entrance after the end of that race and suddenly there was at 10 or 20 tables a vast gambling going on. There was about the dice game, called „the golden six“. To my question I learned that now the „new socialist criminal law“ had abolished the paragraph for games of chance and so would everything be now legally here. Thereupon I analysed the game at home and found out that the game were almost to be regarded as a free street robbery and have struck me from the beginning on to the side of the bank owners.
By this contact I received now a view of the entire, at that time already existing, Leipziger Players’ scene with their night games. Preferably has the game of cards been gambled called „my aunt – your aunt“, which I controlled as a player rather fast, because I experienced that the respective bank keepers shuffled usually very superficially. Where upon on that basis I invented myself a system, in order to exploit this, and one already offered me frequently the bank. Thus I really never experienced the side of the loosing player, but was from the beginning on tossing together on the side of the winners. Later a Greek turned up with some toy roulette and began gambling twice a week with this game. After short time of taking down notes I shot within a 50 hours long battle the equipment with its mechanical errors in such a manner then, that he surrendered to me to the end of the session everything. After I had repaired the roulette, I was now promoter of the only Leipziger Roulette game. That remained with smaller interruptions in such a way until 1981, than I was allowed to then leave the country after long fight finally legally into the Federal Republic.

ISA-CASINOS: Do you play several games or only roulette?

Kaisan: I play for approximately 1984 exclusively roulette. One while I was concerned theoretically with Black Jack and, despite of the profitable method of the map counting, stated that I am characteristically suitable for it. Recently Poker interests me, whereby I so do stab around the basics and do not permit myself however to play simply just right away.

ISA-CASINOS: How do you come to the nickname „the Sachse“?

Kaisan: In the first years in the Federal Republic I lived in Hamburg. There I was with my dialect naturally an Exotic and was accordingly noticeable. From this then on just „Sachse“ developed. There were times, when I had already not turned around to anymore, if one called me „Christian“.

ISA-CASINOS: Where about have you been playing already?

Kaisan: That I would like to leave it at the substantial places and countries.

Germany: In approx. half of all Casinos played and already visited nearly every.

Europe: Played in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France with Monaco, Spain, Malta, Denmark, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania
Visits Without to play: Finland, Portugal, Sweden

Asia: Macao, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka

Australia: Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Alice jump, Brisbane, Goldcoast, kind of main header

South and Central America: Argentina, Uruguay, Curacao, St. Maarten, the Bahamas

North America: The USA: Vegas, Atlantic town center, Reno and approx. 30-50 Indianercasinos read

Canada: Ottawa, Montreal, Niagara Falls
South Africa: Sun City (only visited)

ISA-CASINOS: For how long are you playing already roulette?

Kaisan: I have been doing from 1981 to 1984 in Hamburg and Hittfeld only out of harms way exercises, before I was gotten so far, to tackle the play also practically.

ISA-CASINOS: You are as a so called „Kesselgucker”. What does it mean?

Kaisan: Kesselgucker (what for a crazy name) many players are named, who are taking conclusions out of the run of the ball also the pot on the probable impact place of the ball and place then their jetons quickly still before the Play refusal.

ISA-CASINOS: The play, which you just described, is it in the long term successful?

Kaisan: It can be successful, if know-how is sufficient and one itself can get accustomed to the technical progress of the devices, which can nowadays adapt higher pot-spin speeds and different other innovations. I know some in former times very successful players, who resigned either or again regarding the mass of the Gamblers who went down.

ISA-CASINOS: Can one earn for a living, just how you are playing it, live of the Roulette game?

Kaisan: Yes, even quite comfortably.
However not everywhere. In Portugal one must set e.g. first of all, then is called off and thrown only then the ball. There of course, the breeze of a chance does not exist.

ISA-CASINOS: There are offered so many Roulettesystems. My question: are there according to your opinion any totally certain Roulettesysteme at all?

Kaisan: According to my opinion none of the usual „classical“ systems on mathematical basis is suitable to obtain a continuous gain (and it is just about it nevertheless). All cheat, trick and equivocations are unsuitable betray mathematics.
A successful Roulettesystem is just as impossible as a functioning Perpetuum mobile. The dominant laws of nature do not give it simply. Also the opposite of not winning, namely to play i.e. particularly badly is not possible. Each system will after sufficiently long examine-strain (-1.35%, -2.7% or -5.4%) realise the minus per cent of the conversion, given by the rule. Can very easy be proven at a Live Roulette automat, where all data are registered. The longer examine-strain is, the more approach the practical results on the theoretically computable ones.
If I were the Casino, system players would have free entrance and free beverages with me. If they should use even additionally a computer, they would get also still the meal freely.

ISA-CASINOS: Is it correct that you won already millions in roulette world-wide?

Kaisan: That is correct. It should not be forgotten however that we speak about one period of 20 years. In addition the beautiful life is not only beautiful, but also expensive.

ISA-CASINOS: Could you explain us your play somewhat more detailed?

Kaisan: Reluctantly. I resign myself there gladly to general places, because I cannot have interest in it, “to hold” potential competitor also even „the stairs“.

Thus the following: Roulette is a physical procedure. One can compute each procedure, if sufficiently data are available. This now to get, represents the main problem. In principle one must be capable by a trained feeling for speeds, of suspecting, of feeling or of knowing, when the ball hits where, how far it still jumps and which number range is then at its no-signal point. That is so simple.

Also importantly: One must evade only to the losses, then the profits come automatically.

ISA-CASINOS: How much as stake is needed like for a play, such like you make it?

Kaisan: Usually I magnify the importance of in such a way, as the maximum limit or my play capital permits it. That means, I must set particularly abroad my employments into relation to the brought along capital. I count in such a way that I can set about 2 parts per thousand of my situation per number and per play.
Example: If I want to set 200 per number, I must have 100,000 play capital available.

ISA-CASINOS: Have you obtained also any house prohibition in Casinos yet?

Kaisan: There were plenty of them already. Predominantly by the fact caused that the Casinos Austria spaced me 1991 and informed the half world about it. After I won at the highest Austrian Court of Justice, they had again to let me in, however a lot of German and other Casinos don’t even think about it.
Any reasons for spacing, which one can invent, do not apply to me. So far also ever a Casino did not justify somewhat. One refers oneself to the „house right“ and finished. Unfortunately this design, which is settled already in the proximity of arbitrariness, is sentenced German supreme court right. In Austria a „conclusive reason“ must be present for a barrier and have the judges still determined since my process: Profits are not a conclusive reason.

ISA-CASINOS: Do you play always alone or also times with other persons?

Kaisan: At the beginning of my career I had a partner 9 months, who deceased however unexpectedly.

ISA-CASINOS: What were been your highest loss and the highest profit with roulette?

Kaisan: My largest loss was 700,000 Schilling (100,000 DM), which I had been over-rowing about 1990 in the Casino Bregenz in heavily drunk condition. That was one of the maximally 3 appearances, which I had afforded in over 30 years with alcohol at playing. Otherwise I drink generally water during the play only.

The two highest single gains were about 1989 in Hamburg 122,400 DM, when I met in 34 plays with 4 neighbours 18 times. At 400 per number and 800 Tronc then above mentioned Sum remained. There has been in Copenhagen in 1992 also some converted approximately 125,000 DM on one day.

A correct benefit was in the year 2000 the „Burswood Casino“ in Perth. In the VIP Room one could set converted some 1,300 DM per number. The house was so friendly to lose in 3 days 450,000 DM, to pay me a flight (7.000 km) to Sydney over Melbourne and back again to Perth and to lose on further 3 days the same sum again. With my next attendance, 3 months later (it was already my 7. in 18 months), although they were still friendly with me like always, covered all the hotel costs, but into the VIP Room they did not leave me any longer.

ISA-CASINOS: What do you hold of on-line Casinos?

Kaisan: In addition I cannot say anything, because I do not have any experience about.

ISA-CASINOS: Is your play also possible in an On-line Casino?

Kaisan: Probably not, because the diagram shown does not have anything to do with the random number generator. Even in Casinos with Live-Roulette the picture transmission is so inaccurate that I do not see any chance.

ISA-CASINOS: What would you recommend to new comers, who play for the first time roulette?

Kaisan: Take your wife and a sum that does not cause pain. Leave credit cards i.e. at home and do not hide a reserve in the car. Divide the money and play at 2 tables on red and black with minimum at the most 1-2 hours. The remaining money or the profit is to be converted into best meals and good beverages at the spot and you had a beautiful evening. Subsequently you forget everything, and you are not under any circumstances getting on the idea to think about it like you perhaps nevertheless…………

It would be not worth the time and the wasted energy.

ISA-CASINOS: How does your free-temporal reconciliation looks like?

Kaisan: Since I decided, to become healthy 100, I strive to remain fit. I drive bike very much, do jogging or tearing with the Inline skates around. Otherwise I roam in the Internet into the Roulette forums, showing off myself a little, not that I only know nearly everything, but most also better, insult half friendly those who are as far as I am concerned incorrigible „Roulette-researcher“ or „intuitive players“ and hope successfully to keep with this easy mental work to prevent to become a zombie.

ISA-CASINOS: My last question to you: Is there any of a favourites’ casino of you?

Kaisan: No, any of a real favourites’ casino I do not have. I see that rather practically: For me the worst shop is a real smasher, when I win there.

However I have a favourites’ (Casino)Hotel:

That is the „Bell agio“ in read Vegas. The water fountains in the lake in front of it, so over 1.000 fountains and 5,000 Spotlights directly at the Strip and all this in the centre of the desert. Strictly synchronously with the music the water jets dance or shoot up to 70m up. For me the greatest, which I saw ever in the world. One can describe that badly – one must see it.

ISA-CASINOS: Mr. Kaisan, thank you for the conversation.