Changes during the Tournament of Champions of Poker 2001 in Las Vegas

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

All players from all over the world, who have won known Poker tournaments, were allowed to take part in this tournament. R. Schmitt, ISA-CASINOS, was also asked to play with the best of the best, unfortunately he wasn’t able to get this dates free of his commitments.

From 23.07.2001 to 29.07.2001 the Tournament of Champions of Poker 2001 takes place in the Casino „The Orleans“ in Las Vegas.

Well known Poker player like Phil Hellmuth Junior, Henry Nowakowsky (The Nugget) and T.J. Cloutier were discussing in some meetings some changes in the prize structure to attract more player. Very reasonable arguments were made on both sides of this position.

Some players voiced opinions that they would prefer a different kind of prize structure, and Chuck Humphrey, the President of the TOC, has been open to listening to their input and is making some changes in response to player input, given that he has put tremendous effort into setting up the TOC.

Andy Glazer told the ISA-CASINOS, that this meetings were fair and open minded discussions and all problems were solved to everyone’s full satisfaction.

Information by Andy Glazer, Las Vegas.