The new ISA-CASINOS-Portal enthused the guests on this side

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

Pforzheim/Berlin (pj) Just one month and the puplishing of ISA-CASINOS-PORTAL beats every record. Perhaps 49.000 visitors in the last month, that means for every day 1.577 readers.

The web-trend-survey recognizes even the duration of the user. So we could combine guests for 15 Minutes on the new sites. This is very good for I-Net-Sites cutting through user do not use sites more than 5 minutes.

More than 20% of the users live in foreign countries. So confirms ISA-CASINOS the trend of an international Informer-Portal. ISA-CASINOS is the leading manager worldwide everything about News and Information for every Casino.

You see the dimension clearly, if you look at the ordered sites from ISA-CASINOS-Portal. Oktober 2003 196.720 sites of are visited. So the new Navigation-Menu was confirmed.

Also the „Hits“ that means the number of users in whole marks a new High-Point: 1.556.086 Hits (directly questions to server), is absolutly great!

For the new sites programmers and editors invasted much time, but we mean, the carefully, intensive and timely presentation in new design and new Menu-Loading enjoys the users. This is the statement of Reinhold Schmitt.

He thanks his team, that worked for the users.