Review of the year 2002 for the ISA-CASINOS

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

(rs) 59 Casinos in Germany, Austria, Holland, Czech Republic, Finland and France became partner of ISA-CASINOS. This is a percentage of 33.59% of the complete casino industry in these countries for the internet.

A lot of new things have been deployed at the sites of ISA-CASINOS, who have a world wide platform for a lot of users, casino guests and casinos. One example is the daily newsletter in German and English with their own reports of events and attractions. 5 ISA-CASINOS reporters join in to bring you all the news and latest gossip from the Casino Industry at your fingertips. Some 3000 users have registered for this newsletter in 2002. For the English reports some 1970 registered since ISA-CASINOS started to report in English also. A lot of article stem from over 100 newspapers from around the world, just like the press agencies that bring us coverage as well. The joint forces of ISA-CASINOS and fills in a further gap for news and articles. With this strategy, ISA-CASINOS not only brings news from the Casino Industry but also interesting coverage of politics, weather, and sports.

New categories like Casino Rights and current Casino Rules have been introduced. The daily horoscope has drawn a lot of users and still more are coming.
As for Las Vegas, all that one should know is brought to your attention via the ISA-CASINOS website. Marriage and buyers options are published along with information about Visa guidelines, history of this grand city, hotel information, and overviews of all casinos in Vegas.

As of November, ISA-CASINOS introduced a web application that can linked on people’s personal homepages so that their website in turn functions as a newsmagazine through a headline providing mechanism from ISA-CASINOS.
The service, like the free web mailer, is heavily used, and hence urges for the mounting recognition of our web sites.

The ISA-CASINOS poll, yet another category in the vast information landscape, is used heavily as well, and represents realistic public opinion polling in the meantime.
Our free of charge games in the category Casino- and Online games are speaking for themselves. In the first months after its deployment, some 5000 users registered and matched for the monthly prices. These prices are always offered by marketing people from global companies as well as by world wide casinos. All three online games are playable without download and realistic enough to give a feeling as if you were in a casino yourself. Supported with speech and sound, it feels really great to play an online game at the ISA-CASINOS web site. For the near future, ISA-CASINOS is talking to big companies such as Coca Cola and Mc Donald’s to bring further interesting prices to the players. Since the start of the daily price games, some 1800 people have won free entry tickets for casinos. The emails we received after these first vists show us that a lot of people enjoy playing and that they perceive casinos as a wonderful spare time event. The online events, who are free of charge, show us and our sponsors, that people can be won for playing.

In our discussion boards some 2000 entries have been published. These entries deal with topics varying from Casino, Roulette, Poker, Black Jack, and slot machines. This shows us that numerous people are willing to discuss the casino industry online. Where else can guests speak so openly about their gaming habits, ask their questions, and get professional answers? The combination of chat and discussion boards has proven to be a rigid device for contacting people around the globe.

Our ISA-CASINOS calendar was loved at first sight by all users. As of its deployment, one could easily view all events from around the world with one mouse click. As well, daily, monthly, and yearly overviews can be generated per category (Baccara, Poker, Roulette, Black Jack) if you wish. This enhances the search for events greatly. For the year 2003, the first entries have been, up to December already. So this calendar is not only used by people needing to know what-when-and-where, but also by people needing to spread the information that they have an event or a speciality coming up.

With the enhanced support from our technical staff, it was possible to build up a large database carrying information about 19.000 casinos from 150 countries, all game rules, overviews and inside information. This database helped ISA-CASINOS to become one of the leading web sites for the Casino Industry. Knowledge bases, tournaments calendar and player portraits, magazines, actions and sponsoring of ISA-CASINOS and their partners, made ISA-CASINOS to that what is today: a large company being partner of the Casinos and its guests.

The Pokerworld ISA-CASINOS Cup gained recognition as far as in America.
The visitor of our web sites speak clear language since introducing bilingualism at our site. Over 75 countries with over 4 million hits a month use our site. The monthly 20.000 users do show that a vast request exists for our type of web site. Partners as the „European Black Jack Players‘ Association (EBPA)„, lead by the Grun family, round up the integration of internet and printed media. As far as Black Jack is concerned, ISA-CASINOS and the EBPA are since 3 years main sponsors for the German Masters and city tournaments, For the year 2003 new and extra services will be made available.
Sofar the following is planned:

  • World Wide gaming tours for players at partnering Casinos
  • Public work in print media, and magazines
  • Newsletter in more languages
  • Partnerships with new companies and casinos for internet and sponsoring
  • More reporters for better coverage from around the world, and presentation of casinos.

More activities such as a casino auction house are already planned and will be announced later the year. We want to thank all of our staff and co-workers for the successful cooperation and we hope for a new eventful year.

Joined together, we are strong and can supply our visitors with that what they want: Information, fun, and entertainment. The internet market is the futurefor everybody and will display its greatest strength when consumers, providers and partners join together.