History of the ISA-CASINOS – Part 2

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)
E-Mail: info@isa-guide.de

2003 – 2007: Upswing
At the beginning of the year 2004 another important decision was made. The number of partners has increased and also the expenditure for advice and editing. Reinhold Schmitt started to travel more and more to events in casinos and there he reported and made interviews.

In May 2004 Reinhold Schmitt handed the business over to his son Ulli who is responsible for the commercial part of the company. From this time Reinhold Schmitt concentrated himself on his job as chief editor and contact person to the casinos: he visits Poker and Baccara tournaments in the casinos and observes evertything fromt he view of a profi. His reports about the worldwide casinos became the trademark of the ISA-CASINOS. He visited many casinos and tried to gain more partner for the platform: Also he was successfully in convincing the casino chiefes of his ideas. Today he is very proud because now there are 120 partners of all parts of the line of business and a full information service can be offered.
Reinhold Schmitt in talk with Regina Halmich
Reinhold Schmitt in talk with<br>Poker expert Michael Keiner
2005 began the political and legal disputes concerning private sport bet offerer and agents in Germany. Private bet officed openend their doors all over Germany and offered sports bets for everybody. As a result the state-owened lottery firms started to fight against this private competitors.

The high point of this legal dispute was in March 2006 and it ended when the Bundesverfas-sungsgericht passed a judgement. The bavarian sport bet monopol was pronounced to be unconstitutional and the new regulation should be made by the end of 2007. When this was announced the server of the ISA-CASINOS break down several times because within short time 10,000 people visited the website. Today a technical equippment makes sure that this will not happen again when thousands of people vistit the website of the Isa-Casinos at the same time.

2003 at the latest the ISA-CASINOS was established well and became one of the 6,000 most visited websites in Germany. With his know how Reinhold Schmitt was often in tv and gave interviews. So the degree of fame of the ISA-CASINOS raised continuously. He met also very nice people on his business trips. His personal highlight was the interview with the founder and owner of NOVOMATIC AG, one of the biggest International groups in the game of chance wold. In June 2003 he met Prof. Johann F. Graf for the first time in Austria and both still held contact with each other. In November Reinhold Schmitt tavelled to Antigua because he was invited from Lester Bryant Bird, the former prime minister. As first foreign journalist he was allowed to make an interview with Bird. They talked about his ideas, online-casinos and his native country Antigua.
Reinhold Schmit in talk with<br>the former prime minister of<br>Antigua Lester Bryant Bird

The secret of the red little men of ISA-CASINOS

In the past 10 years the logo of the ISA-CASINOS was changed often depending of the current trend. Only one was still the same: the red little man as the trademark of the ISA-CASINOS. People often asked Reinhold Schmitt about the meaning of this little red man. He never gave an answer and told everybody that he will say this after 10 years. Now it is time to honour his promise: “The little red man is me, who traveled across the world and hunt a dream which will probably not be realized.” But today the dream became true and the aim was reached. In the year 2004 the little red man and the name ISA-CASINOS were patented.

To this anniversary Reinhold Schmitt has a special wish:

I would like to welcome 1,000 more new newsletter subscriber by February 2008, so that we will exceed the magic figure of 5,000 in the new year. In the past 10 years we sent more than 30 millions newsletter and I am very proud of this because this is a perfect service for our reader. More than 5,5 million people have visited our website until now and evey day new poeple read our website. This is a clear signal that the people love the games of chances.
Even the old romans had the motto: “bread and games”. Because of this we see the development of the casino line of business very optimistic. We believe that games of chances should also become in Germany a strong part of the entertainment industry.

Together, with my team and our partners, we will work again hard to care for the image of this line of business and to optimize our service offers. We thank all partners which support us and we look forward to an exciting development in the future.”

Reinhold Schmitt was born in 1953 in Schorndorf/Germany. He soon discovered his passions for the games of chances. First he passed an commercial training successfully but with 21 years he decided to became a profi gambler. He made his hobby to his profession. He became one of the best Poker and Baccara gamblers worldwide. In 1997 he decided to end his profi career and to do something else. Today, Reinhold Schmitt lives together with his four adult sons in Pforzheim.