The third annual 45.500$ Baltic Sea Black Jack Tournament is well underway

The top black jack players of Estonia, Finland and Poland are competing for the honors and for $ 45 500 prize money for the third time in the Baltic Sea Tournament. At the moment, the national qualification rounds are underway in Olympic Casino in Tallinn, Estonia, Casino RAY in Helsinki, Finland and Casinos Poland in Warsaw, Poland.

At the first stage of the Baltic Sea tournament each individual country has their own championship competitions and out of those competitions the seven best players in each country will be selected to proudly represent their national team. Also, at the first stage the players will earn prize money and appropriate trophies for the national championships.

The second stage is the Baltic Sea Tournament Final where the 21 best black jack players of the Baltic region will compete for the individual prize money divided among top three finishers, $ 20 000, $ 10 000 and $ 5 000 respectively, and for the team prize money of $ 10 500 (divided equally among the team of seven). In the second stage all 21 players will play two twenty one hand rounds, out of which the best seven players will qualify to the final two rounds to fight for the championship.

The first ever Baltic Sea Tournament was played in Casino RAY in Helsinki in year 2000. The Finnish team nearly swept the whole competition by winning the team event and placing first and third in the individual event. Last year in Warsaw it was the turn of the Estonians to shine by claiming double victory in the individuals and by winning the teams. Maybe it is the turn of the Polish team this year?

Next year, two new countries, Lithuania and Sweden, are expected to join the tournament to make it even more fascinating in terms of international cooperation. As it is already, the Baltic Sea Tournament and its three operators have been groundbreakers in casino business by organizing this joint tournament.