Novomatic Founder Johann F. Graf honoured by the Republic of Austria

Novomatic Founder Johann F. Graf honoured by the Republic of Austria

The Austrian gaming pioneer and founder of Novomatic Group of Companies Johann F. Graf has recently been awarded the honorary title of Professor by the President of the Republic of Austria. The Title was presented by Federal Minister Elisabeth Gehrer in a formal ceremony at the Federal Chancellery. The title of Professor is one of the most desirable titles in Austria and that the recipient is an entrepreneur is absolutely extraordinary.

Professor Johann F. Graf, who is also Senator of a UNESCO partner organisation, established Novomatic Group of Companies to build a model company by European standards. With its today more than 2400 employees, the company has become a global player in the international gaming industry. What is more, Mr. Graf has gained special merit for establishing close working relationships with various universities around the world.

In a joint venture with the University of Engineering of Cracow, the leading educational institution for information technology with global significance far beyond Poland and Europe, ATSI was established, which currently employs more than 200 first rate engineers and develops cutting-edge technology for the gaming industry.

In a close co-operation with Humboldt-University, Freie University, Berlin and Charité University in Berlin, Novomatic AG and Spielbank Berlin at Potsdamer Platz support the research into non-substance related addictions, thus establishing first scientific foundations for the control and prevention of pathological gambling. Project leader Dr. Sabine Miriam Grüsser has become one of the most renowned addiction reseachers worldwide.

The results of this scientific research are already drawn upon in training programs for the protection of potential compulsive gamblers.

Novomatic AG funds a research program on the history of automation in Austria and Europe supplying historic background data for the current discussions on the creation of artificial intelligence. In a research project at the Austrian University for Applied Arts, the chess-playing machine built by the Austrian baron Wolfgang von Kempelen (1734-1804) was reconstructed and will be made available for study and display at universities and exhibitions.

Professor Johann F. Graf’s fascination for technology is reflected in Novomatic’s corporate policies: Austrian Gaming Industries alone invests 10 percent of its annual turnover in research and development and has thus contributed to the breakthrough of leading-edge technology in the gaming industry. At the same time, AGI has become a world market leader in the realm of interactive live games and multi-player systems.

Before this background of its founder and owner, it becomes clear why Novomatic Group of Companies, as an innovator and trendsetter in technology makes some of the most significant contributions to defining the large development lines of the international gaming industries every year again.

In addition, Professor Johann F. Graf is a major art patron in Austria, where Novomatic AG is the main sponsor of a great variety of cultural activities, true to its motto of „We keep culture in the game“.