Successful implementation of Novo Touchbet™ Live-Roulette at Holland Casinos

More than 200 terminals sold up to now

Novo Touchbet™ Live-Roulette, produced by Austrian Gaming Industries GmbH, has been recognized as the first true cross over product between live games and slots. Reader heads attached to the Roulette wheel of a standard Roulette table, player terminals and a server connecting it all together enable players to participate in a live Roulette game from the privacy and comfort of individual video terminals. AGI’s modular design allows networking of up to 250 of these electronic player stations. All terminals replicate the roulette layout and a touch screen allows the player to place his bets just like putting chips onto the table. Player credits may be entered in a number of ways best suited to the operator. Bill validators and coin entry are available. Similarly, payouts can be achieved by coin or winning ticket printed from the terminal, which can be cashed at the casino cash desk. The system incorporates all security features that are expected. The server and betting stations include the technology to ensure full accounting functions – compatibility with most major online systems is given, replay of the last sixteen games to resolve disputes, valid game protection via sensor system and a game cancel button which the dealer or supervisor can press in the event they wish to cancel the game.

In November 2001 AGI installed Novo Touchbet™ Live-Roulette with 10 player stations to Holland Casino Amsterdam. Another successful introduction of Novo Touchbet™ Live-Roulette in Casino Valkenburg (near Maastricht) by the end of March 2002 provided the boost for further implementations in all Holland Casinos. „The turnover of the 17 player stations exceeded the expectations of the management by 100%,“ said Ed Sparnaaij, Product Manager Table Games in Valkenburg. „Guests responded very positively to the introduction and also the staff soon noticed that implementation of this game was not at the expense of the traditional table games which influenced their positive acceptance. Another aspect is the fact that the winning number is generated by the traditional Roulette wheel, operated manually by a dealer on a regular American Roulette table beside the Touchbet-terminals. In consequence regular guests used to French or American Roulette are often found at Novo Touchbet™ Live-Roulette as well. Meanwhile Novo Touchbet™ Live-Roulette has become part of the basic Holland Casino Gaming Products Portfolio.“

By now more than 200 terminals have been installed and another 20 will be delivered within the next few weeks. Mr. Jens Halle, Managing Director of AGI stated: „Novo Touchbet™ Live-Roulette has a lot of advantages for the operators as well as for the guests. Players favour the convenience and privacy when betting on individual touch screen terminals and operators appreciate this innovation to the traditional live game environment because it attracts new player segments. Holland Casino is an important customer for AGI and we are very pleased to have convinced this successful company of the high quality of our products.“

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