Marketing & Promotions Strategies for the Gaming and Gambling Industry

Marketing, promotion, advertising and branding are set to become key weapons in the fight for market share amongst new and existing companies when the UK gaming and gambling market opens up following deregulation.

A conference entitled 'Marketing & Promotions Strategies for the Gaming and Gambling Industry', which takes place in Earls Court, London, UK on 24-25 June, is designed to offer solutions and strategies to help marketeers take full advantage of brand new revenue streams.

Key issues to be covered in the conference include:

  • New opportunities regulatory changes will allow marketeers: Creating innovative new products & offerings
  • Strategies and delivery platforms working today
  • Differentiated marketing campaigns for the interactive market: Wireless, iTV, Online – which models are working best for i-Gaming?
  • Successful B2B and third-party promotions
  • Better Branding: Agency and client case studies
  • Current and future legal issues to be considered including IP and Copyright
  • Expert Case Studies from outside the industry on customer acquisition, profiling, retention and CRM

In addition to traditional modes of gaming and gambling, the conference will also address the burgeoning online market, with a separately bookable second day that focuses on the specific strategies and platforms that work for interactive media, whether online, iTV or mobile.

For more information on the conference – organised by ATE, a leading player in the international gaming and gambling industry – telephone +44 (0)20 7841 3228.