Sults created a foundation for Casino Island

The legal side of Casino Island has been prepared and the foundation was started on the 26th June of this year, Tallinn’s representative and principle Märt Sults told today.

Sults presented a sketch, from where it was seen that the plan is to create an entertainment and culture complex from three islands, each of which is shaped like a kidney. Each of the islands will have a clearly specified purpose.

When the recent news was that the construction of the island will be paused due to the fact that Estonia lacks jurisdiction about constructions in the water, the lawyers advising Sults have discovered that a couple of hundred years ago real islands were situated in the area, which were once blown up in order to shorten the route of ferries. Now there’s an opportunity to restore the islands on the exact location where the ancient islands used to be.

Casino Island is only one of them and hidden behind the other islands, so a quite expensive ticket has to be bought in order to make merry with unlimited quantities of alcohol and casinos there.

The other two islands would have far cheaper tickets and would be suitable locations to spend time with family with culture, concerts, and sport. Those two islands will not be selling alcohol.

To the question when real results could be seen, Sults answered that after about two years, the first step should be finished. Sults also added that even though he currently isn’t thinking about directly financing the construction of islands, the idea is that the glass apartment house on the closed casino island will cover the construction costs. In addition, Sults is completely sure that there will be people interested in buying the apartments.

Currently, the principle has spent about EEK 114,000 to develop the plan.