Paul Gauselmann donates 85,000 trees to combat climate change

Espelkamp. Making a mark for a better environment. This is exactly what entrepreneur Paul Gauselmann is doing due to a spontaneous idea that he had on the occasion of his 85th birthday on August 26th. What he wants to do: “With the aim of making an effective contribution against climate change, I would like to plant 1,000 trees for each year of my life so far.” The trees are to be planted worldwide.

Paul Gauselmann, one of the last major German business patriarchs of the post-war period wants to donate a total of 85,000 deciduous trees for the occasion of his 85th birthday. The founder and Chairman of the Management Board of the internationally operating Gauselmann Group made the announcement. The Gauselmann Group, which has its headquarters in the Eastern Westphalian town of Espelkamp, is a leading company in the gaming entertainment industry and game development. The Group is known for its generous patronage, especially in the Minden-Lübbecke region.

For his 85th birthday, Paul Gauselmann now wants to make a mark in the fight against climate change. He wants to plant 1,000 trees for each year of his life to date. That amounts to 85,000 trees. Paul Gauselmann’s message: “Nature has given me so much during my long life, whether that be as a counterbalance to my often stressful working life or as a backdrop to numerous family gatherings. As a father of four sons, grandfather of nine grandchildren and hopefully many more descendants, I would like to make my contribution to leaving behind a liveable environment for future generations.

Paul Gauselmann is using as his inspiration studies that find that there is nothing more effective in tackling climate change than afforestation. These state that planting trees has the potential to absorb two-thirds of the climate-damaging CO2 emissions caused by people to date.

“As I personally have the privilege of living in a small green paradise with lots of trees and animals, I would like to make the world a bit greener somewhere else, as CO2 and climate protection know no boundaries, either geographically or politically”, says Paul Gauselmann.