Newbie casino visitors from all over Germany and Austria met at the Casino Baden-Baden

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

„Would you please be so kind and lead us in, since we’re first-time visitors and a little afraid, since we don’t know casinos?“

The players of the ISA-CASINOS „Online Black Jack Game“ last September 2002 came from all over Germany and Austria (Sankt Johann) to join in for a night together with winners of different games.

People from Gera, Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Karlsruhe, Heilbronn and from Sankt Johann, Austria, and from the environment of Baden-Baden joined in the night.

Te first guests from Munich and Dusseldorf arrived at 6 PM at the Baden-Baden Casino and were welcomed by Mr Reinhold Schmitt (ISA-CASINOS). More and more people arrived and checked in at the entrance of the Casino. The Casino had thought of a nice present for every guest that checked in: an especially „ISA-CASINOS“ marked ticket, and a Casino-Coin key ring.

„Would you please be so kind and lead us in, since we’re first-time visitors and a little afraid, since we don’t know casinos?“, Mr. Schmitt was asked to join the first time visitors and to lead them into the Casino.

The guests were also joined by the Director Mr. Verschl, the second Director Mr. Rillig and the marketing directory Mrs. Flaig, who, before the official event started, greeted the guests and had a nice conversation with them.

The official event started at 8 PM with a welcome word from Mr Verschl and a glass of Champaign for the guests. The guests were told about the history of the Baden-Baden Casino.

The guests were led to a roulette table where they were told about the „Queen of Games“ during a demonstration. They asked a lot of questions and started to set their gambling coins. Some already drew some nice wins and presents.

The highlight of the event was the Black Jack Tournament. Every player received an equal set of jetons and had to increase the value during 3 bets with multiple gambling coins. Nice presents from ISA-CASINOS and its partner firm, Beautyson GmbH, a Wetzlar based company, were waiting to be handed out to the players. As Champaign and orange juice was served, tactic and a feel for the game were needed, as the players fought over every jetton.

„To play in a casino is a lot more fun than to play online. In the casino, time really flies by“, said Mrs. Amman.

„I’ve got a lot more luck here in the casino than at home“, said Mrs. Hendl as she smiled and shoved her newly won coins to the bigger and bigger stack.

„It is totally different than we imagined“, said the family from Gera, „The fever really gets a hold of one, and one sees how other people play.“

Michael S. from Munich, who lost all of his coins during the first couple of games, said: „I will go to the roulette now, and win it all back.“ Within half an hour a 100 Euro was on display, and Michael said: „I really showed them how to play black and red.“

After three rounds, the first winners could be announced and they were handed nice presents from the Baden-Baden Casino. Proudly about their wins, they all greeted the presents, which were a leathered playing cards set, binoculars, a watch, and some nice box of chocolates.

„Let’s go play now,“ said Uwe H. and walked over to the roulettes. „I think 22 is coming up, since my child has his birthday that day.“ The Croupier tossed the ball, and 22 was hit. Uwe H. cashed delightedly the coins he won and invited Mr. Schmitt for a dinner with him in the Casino Restaurant.

The family from St. Johann played Black Jack for money. As Mr. Schmitt said farewell to the guests at one o’clock, he went to Mr. Messerschmidt, who was still playing Black Jack. „We’re having a lucky stroke, and will stay a bit longer. We’re sleeping at the hotel anyways and will drive home tomorrow.“

Mr. Rillig showed the guests the baccara room. They were asking about this game, and Mr. Rillig explained it to them, as he told some anecdotes from the past of this game.

„One thing is for sure,“ said Mrs. Sabine B. from Dusseldorf, „I will return here, since it was a more pleasant than I could ever imagine.“

ISA-CASINOS wants to thank for all guests the Baden-Baden Casinos, the board of its directors, the croupiers and helpers who were all ready to make it a very enjoyable event.

Mr Schmitt was delighted to see that Uwe and Christina H. brought him a nice apple pie and a homemade so called Zwetschgen pie, to say thanks for the nice event.

ISA-CASINOS also wants to thank:
Fotoatelier Christiane , Rathausplatz 3 ., 6532 Baden-Baden, Tel. 07221/51227

This atelier was responsible for photographing the whole event.
You can order pictures from the event via given telephone number or email address.

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