Skill games offer a way into Germany

According to a leading German lawyer, skill games and entertainment portals could provide online operators looking to enter the German gaming market with viable opportunities.

Wulf Hambach of law firm Hambach and Hambach believes that Germany may be close to opening up its gaming market due to pressure from the European Commission (EC). However, he stated that there remains non-regulated gambling sectors in Germany such as skill games and other entertainment niches that do not fall under the scope of monopoly laws due to the inconsistent and patchwork legal gambling system.

“The enforceability of the new State Gambling Treaty 2008 means that it is hard to predict what will happen in the German market over the next twelve months,” said the legal expert.

“With the EC and several political groups such as the Liberals opposing the gambling monopoly approach, my guess is that the State monopoly will continue to fight against the private gambling industry in the short-term but will lose the monopoly versus liberalisation battle in the long-term.”

Set to speak at London’s Legal Gaming in Europe Summit in January, Hambach stated that the transition could be sped up by the industry working on legal alternatives that are acceptable to both German courts and European Union (EU) authorities.

“In this regard, an EU cross-border learning and working group should be founded with the help and integration of existing bodies such as the International Members of Gambling Law,” said Hambach.