Casino Glitch Frustrates Harrah’s Gamblers

A casino glitch at a local slot parlor had some gamblers seeing red on Monday.

They were frustrated when computer troubles at the brand new Harrah’s kept them from cashing in, at least right away.

Not only is it freezing outside but some casino customers said they were left out in the cold when their slot machines froze up.

Some people hoping to hit the jack pot had no such luck at Harrah’s in Chester, Delaware County.

The glitch happened while the casino was rebooting its system. Customers say about 60-percent of the machines went down while people were playing and that the frozen machines would not allow any pay outs.

„I have been here four hours, can I at least get a meal, you can’t even get a meal,“ said Cecilia Quarles.

Some customers left without their money, while others took their chances on waiting things out.

Dina Parenti stayed two hours for her pay out of USD 20.

„Fights broke out, people were banging the machines, getting really mad,“ said Parenti.

Parenti took a picture of another customer’s slot machine showing the customer was owed USD 242.

„It was a woman sitting next to me, she waited 2 hours and 10 minutes,“ said Parenti.

Others waited even longer, CBS 3 spoke on the phone to a woman who refused to leave her slot machine for more than four hours.

„If they close, they will have to throw me out, I will fight I want my USD 58 and I will never come back,“ said Thomasine McLucas.

Harrah’s did release a statement saying even though the machines froze; the casino was still able to capture all the activity on them.

They also said that all jackpots will be verified and paid out.