Glasgow ups the ante over super-casino

Glasgow has vowed to press ahead with plans to build a ’super-casino‘ even if it fails in its bid to be chosen as the site of a new complex this week.

The award for a new Las Vegas-style casino is widely expected to be won by London’s Millennium Dome, when an independent panel offers its final report on Tuesday, with Glasgow and Blackpool the unlucky losers.

However, if Glasgow does lose out, council chiefs, business leaders and MSPs in the city will demand that ministers quickly offer a second licence so that plans for a Scottish complex can go ahead.

In a move that will anger anti-gambling opponents, they will hope to build a super-casino in Glasgow by 2015, as part of plans to regenerate the city. Several sites have been suggested for a casino in the city, with the current favourite being at Ibrox, the home of Rangers Football Club.

UK ministers originally laid out plans for no less than eight super casinos to be built across the UK, but backed down after public pressure over concerns that too many people would be dragged into gambling.

However, they have still left themselves the option of offering further licences if they so wish.

Labour MSP Gordon Jackson, whose Govan constituency includes the Ibrox site, said he would be raising the issue next week at Holyrood if, as expected, Glasgow did not win.

Martin Bain, chief executive of Rangers, said: „The site is crying out for regeneration.“