insic: FSM membership

The Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Multimedia-Diensteanbieter e.V. (German Voluntary Self-Monitoring of Multimedia Service Providers, FSM) has grown with insic GmbH as a new member. Insic is looking forward to possibilities for interesting discussions and cooperation in the fields of youth protection and media.

insic, a company from Ahrensburg, a town near Hamburg, Germany, appreciates FSM’s ordinary membership and is now standing in line with enterprises like ProSiebenSat.1, Vodafone. Lotto24 and Telefonica.

FSM and insic as a provider of technical solutions for youth protection both online and offline are now institutionalising their collaboration. Current legal developments in the German youth protection regulation and the launch of insic’s brand new age verification system (AVS) emphasis the need of regular exchange and sharing of information within in the German key-player community.

„When it comes to optimisation of age verification workflows, it must be possible to make advanced technologies available to a wider group of customers. Our technology allows integration of new ID-methods and procedures without initiating an additional IT-project. The FSM is an ideal platform for such sharing of information in a professional and competent environment“, states Gunter Fricke, insic’s Managing Director with ten years of experience in the field of German regulation and youth protection.

Insic is one one the most innovative and technologically leading enterprises in the field of age verification and youth protection on the European markets.