Looters attack Pacific Casino Hotel

Hotel guests at the Pacific Casino Hotel were forced to flee from their rooms when looters attacked their hotel early this morning.

Hotel guests had to shelter at the Oceanview Restaurant as looters attacked the reception area at around 3am.

By 5.30am RAMSI officers had cordoned off the area and were protecting the hotel from looters who had been stoning the building from across the road.

Two RAMSI vehicles were burned by looters outside the hotel.

The casino complex was one of many Asian owned businesses attacked since looting began on Tuesday afternoon after protestors called on new Prime Minister Snyder Rini to step down.

Heavily armed RAMSI officers were protecting the hotel entrance at 8am this morning.

Mr Rini, defeated Job Tausinga in the Prime Minister’s election 27 votes to 23.

Mr Rini has been accused by protestors of being influenced by Chinese business houses an allegation, he has denied.