On Sunday a premiere took place in Baden-Baden

(gs-isa) On Sunday a premiere took place in Baden-Baden. The 1. Tournament in the new year after the „area Koch“. A pleasant modification first: Now no entry fee is required there!!!

The changed structure of these tournaments, over the year are 3 poker weekends (Thurstday-Sunday) distributed, quite on the taste of the participants adjusted, are further considerable differences in relation to the previous year. The special attention of the players applied also to the air passage sponsored by ISA-CASINOS for 2 persons (incl. Hotel) for several days into a European capital (for example: London, Paris). The point-best of these Sunday tournaments in each quarter gets this special price!!

Mr Joerger, director of the poker department and also Reinhold Schmitt of the ISA-CASINOS did not leave a doubt in the discusssion with the players to the fact that these traditional tournaments will be again one with large optimism and applicvation prepared event.
That was naturally much material for discussing. The reactions were however very positiv. One can call that surely progress and simultanious signal that medium-term again more players will come into the pleasant atmosphere of Baden-Baden. This modifications, connected with the sponsoring of the ISA-CASINOS will lend to the renowned Casino fast an appropriate poker profil.
Sven Card Stud (Pot Limit) was played. The possibility of ever a rebuy and an ADD On were taken up quite numerously. 16 players fought at 2 desks for the prize money of still 5.828,72 EUR.

Joachim Hempler who boycotted since that time for well-known reason the sunday tournaments, enjoyed obviously the play and went as chipleader to the final table. There he got many jetons and sent one after the other to the cash game. „Such a run I haven´t seen for a long time!!!“
Also Mrs. Marsico (who celebrate also her birthday this day and got a present from H. Rillig from the management) wasn´t able to win against him, but received a prize moey of 582,87 EUR.
Now also Claus Bartz was forced by the height of the blinds to go All In. Two pairs of king, which were shown by Yin Zhou, meant his end. As the third he got 869,19 EUR.
Between Achim Hempler and „Long“ developed now an interesting exchange. When Achim with a road almost already was through, Long countered afterwards with a flash. Achim really tried everything, but the Chinese repelled sent the further attempts of him. Thus it came later to the deal and thus to the division of the remaining prize money of 4090,33 EUR.
With the following showdown in the last play Long with a pair of six was the luckier one against a pair of four.