Gunter Schmidt achieved the hattrick and won the third time the 3. ISA-CASINOS Cup in the Casino Baden-Baden

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

(rs) Gunter Schmidt became as in the years 1999, 2000 and 2001 the total winner of the third ISA-CASINOS Cup of Poker Sunday tournaments in Baden-Baden. The second place achieved Bruno Giuliano, followed by the third-placed Karl Graf.

Since 1999 the ISA-CASINOS played in Baden-Baden, as well as in the Casino Wiesbaden the ISA-CASINOS Cup for poker guests out.

With altogether 46 Sunday tournaments which were organized in the Casino Baden-Baden and in which 570 players participated, it went around a prize money from 309.555,- DM (158.244.83 EUR).

In Baden-Baden it was shown with these tournaments for three years, who the true master of this class is. Gunther Schmidt who reported about poker tournaments in Austria and Germany for the ISA-CASINOS and plublishes also articles with us, achieved the hattrick and became the third time total winner of the ISA-CASINOS Cup in Baden-Baden. This master line cannot show anybody in the poker history. About 3 years he played constantly and was at many tournaments the winner.This distinguishes this pleasant and of all estimated player. Also Bruno Giuliano who is regular guest with the Sunday tournaments, was always be found under the front places and occupied the second place. The third place achieved Karl Graf who applies as a very calm and balanced poker player. He also counts to the regular players of the Sunday tournaments and is always good for a winner place.

As a special price the ISA-CASINOS presented by its managing director Reinhold Schmitt a designer clock to the winner of the 3. ISA-CASINOS Cup, so that Gunter Schmidt will not miss any further play in the Casino Baden-Baden and congratulated him personally to his great success.
The Sunday tournaments which became traditional in the Casino Baden-Baden, are also resumed in the year 2002. As special „drop“ the ISA-CASINOS and its partners, the Günther publishing house and Darwin, sponsors for all point-bests of the Sunday tournaments every three months a city journey for 2 persons to Vienna, Madrid, Paris, London or Amsterdam. The participation is free and can be won by everyone who takes part in these tournaments.
The ISA-CASINOS thanks also the Casino Baden-Baden for the good co-operation and requires fot the year 2002 further large successes for all poker players.
With special pride the Casino Baden-Baden can refer to the German master 2001 Rolf Dieter Eibel who counts to the regular players.

In the Casino Wiesbaden Mile Stanisic won the 3. ISA-CASINOS Cup, followed by ThomasPloempel on the 2. place and H. Heussner who achieved the third place. Altogether 50 tournaments were played and 1641 poker players participated. The prize money that was obtained here, was a record result. Altogether one played around the proud total of 1.055.200,- DM (539.515,19 EUR).

This year also in the Casino Wiesbaden an additional sponsering for the 4. ISA-CASINOS Cup is offered by the ISA-CASINOS and its partners, Günther publishing house and Darwin. Here it will give a Las Vegas journey for the point winner. H. Schmulder from the Casino Wiesbaden was pleased about this additional activity and explained spontaneously to contribute at the year of the year a coupon from the Casino Wiesbaden that contains a meal and a champagne drink.

The ISA-CASINOS thanks all who took part in the Casino Wiesbaden for the co-operation of many years. Starting from January 2002 there can be also participated and won in Austria at the 2. Pokerworld ISA-CASINOS World Cup again. Here each month an additional city journey is out-played. All poker players who participate with the tournaments in the Pokerworld can win this price free of charge to their prize money. The journeys are for 2 persons and lead to London, Paris, Amsterdam and Madrid. They are sponsored again by ISA-CASINOS, Günther publishing house and the company Darwin, our new advertising partner.

On 13th January the large final of the 1. Pokerworld ISA-CASINOS World Cup in Austria in the Card Casino Pokerworld takes place. There the point-bests who have collected their points over the whole year, can participate and win 2 Las Vegas journeys. The second Las Vegas journey is for 2 persons, has a value of 12526,11 € and is connected with a poker tournament of the extra class. These journeys are sponsored by ISA-CASINOS, the Günther publishing house and the casino Pokerworld which sponsors additional attractive prices. The ISA-CASINOS will report about this event.

In the year 2002 the ISA-CASINOS with its partners sponsors 50 journeys around the whole world. Details will be give in time on our pages.

ISA-CASINOS requires all poker players for the year 2002, all good, much luck and good success with all tournaments. We will be also this year again locally for you and will report about all large events.