Heavyweight presence at ICE

Products on the ICE showfloor are equivalent in weight to 360 London ‘Double Decker’ Routemaster buses.
Products on the ICE showfloor are equivalent in weight to 360 London ‘Double Decker’ Routemaster buses.
London – As ICE prepares to welcome the world of gaming through the doors of the ExCeL Centre London tomorrow (Tuesday 3rd February), show organisers have confirmed that a total of 1,582 exhibitor vehicles have been processed, a figure which includes 362 large capacity articulated lorries. Offloading the products onto the show floor has required more than 6,000 individual lifts, equivalent to approximately 4,500 tons of goods.

Reflecting on the huge logistical exercise, Kate Chambers, Portfolio Director responsible for ICE said: „When visitors enter ExCeL they are presented with a professional and polished shop window on gaming, comprising over 500 of the industry’s most successful innovators. To get to this stage requires a huge amount of effort, not least on behalf of the exhibitors themselves but also by the behind the scenes operations team led by Paul Mills. To provide some context to the exercise, the total weight of the goods processed through ExCeL is a just a little less than that of a Type 23 Royal Navy Frigate or the equivalent of 360 London Double Decker ‚Routemaster‘ buses or 2,268 London Taxis. It’s a massive exercise which of course has to be completed twice, once in to ExCeL and again when the show has finished.“

Explaining why ICE is regarded as a ‚must attend‘ business event Kate Chambers added: „In 2014 ICE secured an independently audited 23,506 attendees who travelled to the ExCeL Centre from a record 156 nations. Thanks to the imagination and creativity that ICE exhibitors apply to their presentations, ICE has become an adventure where gaming professionals and entrepreneurs discover new suppliers, discover ground breaking technologies and discover those landmark products which have the potential to transform the way the industry does business.“

„Although ICE is primarily about seeing the most influential and the smartest innovators in gaming all under the same roof, there’s also a comprehensive learning programme of Conferences and Seminars, as well as numerous out of hours networking and hospitality activities. Quite simply ICE is the place where gaming professionals meet, network, conduct business and together, shape the future of the industry.“

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