Master Classics of Poker in Amsterdam

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

(rs) From 03.11-10.11.2001 the Master Classics of Poker with a record prize money of 2.099.300,- NLG took place in Amsterdam.

Already on Saturday 145 players took part in the Freeroll Texas Holdem NO limit tournament. On this first day the signs showed that this event would be very successful. This first event was sponsored and organized by the Holland Casinos Amsterdam. The last 10 qualified players won a ticket for the Lido Event on Wednesday with an value of 5000 fl. One German player, Rudi Schmiedel, was among these 10 players.
Under the qualified eyes of the tournament-director, Peter Voolstra, and the tournament-managers Ron Weysters, Marc Jansen and Adele Bruijin a well organized and perfectly arranged Poker Event took place.
Form all countries the poker-players traveled to this Hold’em and Omaha tournaments. Prize moneys did in addition. its remaining

The „beginner“ Ralf Grun (Germany, EPBA) was very proud, as he got the ninth plaze with K. Chung, donated with 148.700,- NLG and among 220 players.
Marcel Luske (the Netherlands) was the winner and got a prize money of 58.925,- NLG.
With the Omaha Pot Limit Vicky Lincoln (UK), who played a good game in Baden, Vienna at the Poker-EM, showed her good condition and knowledge of Poker and won the 2nd place and 58.925,- NLG.
Winner was Mohammed Irfan, who won 97,812,- NLG. On 6 November at a Texas Holdem No limit tournament, at which again 220 players took place, Mrs. X (Germany) became ninth and was lucky for this great success in her Poker career. Antonio Turrisi takes the 5th place and showed once more that he is nearly always on every Final Table in the whole poker scene. He was also the first player, who won at the WSOP in Vegas 2001 the first Supersatelite for 10.000,- USD. Fascinating and interesting fights were guaranteed at the large Lido tournament, at which 170 players participated for a prize money of 71.399,- NLG and a Re Buy for 5.000 NLG.

Reinhold Schmitt had to leave the tables as 27., as he played with Ace/King suited with three „Caller“ „ALL In“ and lost against Ivo Donev with the pocket Ace. In the Flop there was Ace/King.
Reinhold Dersche (Germany), who was listed on the ninth place in the Final, Siggy Stockinger (D), who got the 8th place, Ivo Donev at the 5th place played very successful in this tournament, we also want to congratulate Joseph Nujeim for his excellent 4th place.
Graham Hiew (UK) took the first place and won 366,600,- NLG. This year we recognized that the pleasing victory series of the German players didn’t stop. Also the Texas Holdem NO limit on Friday with 196 players became a success for Germany, Mehmand, which took the 7 place , and Rudi Schmiedel with his 9. place in this large user field. Winner was here Ben Robert (UK) and got a prize money of 175.825,- NLG.
All in all it was a tournament week, during which the German Pokerplayer showed their competence in the international field.

Many international stars were present like Eddy Sharp, Simon Trumber, Marcel Luske, Mike Magee, Callin Jin, T. Kelly, Nic Sceremata, Mickey Finn and Manfred Daries, who sat Vegas at 17 Supersatelite Final Tables, he won 3 of these satellites and came into the prize money at all others. This success of Manfred Daries might be a record in Las Vegas.
The service with Lunch and dinner and free beverages was excellent and showed that all poker player were welcome at the Holland Casinos Amsterdam.

The Holland Casinos Amsterdam really showed at this 10th anniversary that their Master Classics of Poker have a fixed position in the poker scene.