World Cup Show in the Office of the Chancellor

Gauselmann Exibits also Present

Bern 1954, Munich 1974 and Rome 1990 – all historical milestones in the history of German football that every true fan is familiar with. An exhibition at the Office of the Chancellor which was opened on July 13 2005, links Germany’s three World Cup titles to their respective eras.

f.l.t.r. Secretary of the Interior Otto Schily<br>and Federal Chancellor Gerhard SchröderIn the presence of two World Cup Championship players of 1954, Horst Eckel and Ottmar Walter, Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder honoured the significance of the 1954 title with the following words: „For many, it was not merely a triumph in a World Cup final, but something akin to an endorsement of the times. We are succeeding. We’ll make it. I believe it was encouragement for many, many people during their lives, and it strengthened their willpower to succeed and to rebuild the country.“ Football, he went on, developed a strength which goes above and beyond sport. The Bern miracle was confirmation that Germany was moving forward.

The President of the German Football Association, Theo Zwanziger, sees in football the perfect opportunity to build bridges between different peoples. During next year’s World Cup taking place in Germany, all of football’s great forms and traditions will be shown and presented.

Together with the Secretary of the Interior, Otto Schily, Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder opened the exhibition „Football and Contemporary History“ with the obligatory tour of the presentation.

Secretary of the Interior Otto Schily (left)<br>plays at a historical football table.Armin Gauselmann, member of the Gauselmann AG Board, was more than happy that the Gauselmann Group has been able to contribute to the success of this fantastically interesting exhibition with the loan of two exhibits. A historical football table (Football-Match) from the German Coin-Operated Machine Museum – Gauselmann Collection. The Minister in charge of sport, Otto Schily, could not resist taking the opportunity of playing a match whilst still in the presence of the Federal Chancellor.

At the last part of the exhibition, which presents the 18th Football World Cup under the motto „Guests from all over the World Join Friends“, the Gauselmann Group was represented by a further exhibit. The football-robot „Star Kick“ which has already won two prizes for innovation, invited football fans at the exhibition to compete in a match.

The exhibition at the Office of the Chancellor was a joint project between the House of History of the Federal Republic of Germany Foundation, the Historical Museum Foundation of Palatinate Speyer and the German Football Association. It is open until July 2006.