Car raffle and a half million in the Poker World Vienna

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

From 31.20.2001 – 03.11.2001 the Card Casino Poker World ensures for sensation with its car raffle and a guaranteed prize money of a half million.

Who does not already want to get his first Christmas present now. This year a new car waits under the Christmastree.
By the combination of the Poker event, which guarantees a half million prize money and the raffle of a new OPEL by the, in the meantime far away well-known, Banana Wheel-play, these desires become true.
This car is a free addition gain, which the pokerplayers can take home. Everyone, who gets a Full Ace can try the Banana Wheel and has the chance for the Opel or attractive prices. At the end of the tournament a winner could be pleased about this sensational price additionally.

Also a Poker tournament takes place, which guarantees a prize money of a half million ATS.
From 31.10.2001 – 03.11.2001 a Seven Card Stud and Texas Holdem limit tournament with a rebuy of 1000,- ATS is played. In the first rounds so many rebuys can be transacted, as one would like, and after the 4th level one has still the chance to transact additionally an ADD On. Like always, it is played, as long as the last 12 participants are certain, who qualify then for the superfinal.

The large finalday starts then on 03.11.2001 with the last 36 final participants, who will then play around a guaranteed prize money of 500.000 ATS.
Also it becomes more exciting, because at the same time it goes now into the last phase for the 1st Pokerworld ISA Cup 2001. The final of this event, where one also can win prices sponsored by Guenther plublishing house and ISA-CASINOS, takes place in January 2002. There one can win additional prices in the value of 200.000 ATS.
Everyone, who played over the whole year the points of valuation, participates for free and can be pleased about these additional prices.

The Card Casino Pokerworld proved the fact, that Poker in combination with attractive prices and additional surprises is a play of the future. The management with Manfred Engstler and Dr. Rau was also trend-setting for the year 2001 in the area of Poker, a guarantor for varied poker play, for fun and maintenance. We require to the whole team, that this will remain further in such a way also for the next year.

As usual, the ISA-CASINOS will exclusively report of this event.