Master Classics of Poker 4th to the 10th of November 2001

This annual international poker tournament is the largest poker tournament in Europe.



Every day around 220 participants can participate in a tournament. 2.100.000 guilders / €
952.938,45 was paid out in prize money during the „Master Classics of Poker 2000“. The entire event lasts for seven tournaments. Of course, there’s no need to take part in all of them! The same entry fee applies for each tournament. The stake amount however will vary per tournemant.

This year we are celebrating 10 years of „The Master Classics of Poker 2001“

Holland Casino Amsterdam has donated the prizes for this tournament. There are 10 tickets worth fl. 50.000 /€ 22689.10 for the LIDO Poker Tournament on Wednesday 7 November to be won. This „Free-Roll Tournament“ will be played in the game of Texas Hold’em No Limit. Should there be more than 220 players, then the game will be played in two sessions. This Tournament starts at 8p.m.

Besides this „Free-Roll“ Tournament, when you participate in each tournament you will receive a lunch voucher, dinner voucher and 3 drinks vouchers. Because all our tournaments start at 3p.m. this year, you will have plenty of time to enjoy your lunch and there is a dinner break of 1 hour during each tournamant. An attractive souvenier gift to commemorante the 10h anniversary will also be available for ever participant in the tournament.

But, this isn’t all. As an extra service, participants in the „Master Classics of Poker 2001“ can rake advantage of a special hotel arrangement. Holland Casino Amsterdam has been able to negotiate a favourable price for a room in the Marriott Hotel Amsterdam, The Park Hotel Amsterdam, Crown Plazza Amsterdam-American and the Golden Tulip Amsterdam Centre. This hotel arrangement is only valid if a reservation is made before 1 October 2001 and the offer lasts only for as long as rooms are available for this period.

In order ti mark the occasion and allow you to join in the celebrations, Holland Casino Amsterdam is offering you on Saturday 3November 2001 the chance to take parr in the „10th Anniversary Free-Roll Tournament“. You have until 12 October 2001 to pre-register for at least 3 tournaments and receive your ticker for the „10th Anniversary Free-Roll Tournament“.

Adèle Bruijn

Tournament Manager

Holland Casinos

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