Alois Bacher (South tirol) achieved the Baccara world champion title 2001

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

Already for the third time the Casino Seefeld/Tirol invited all Baccara players to the world championship. The guests were kings and the additional general program in the hotel Klosterbräu with outstanding kitchen and a dinner program „hommage to Woody Allen“ provided here for a pleasant atmosphere.

Dir. Steger, Carina Mauthner, as well as the entire Baccara team carried for the international guests, who were spoiled with this outstanding WM Baccara tournament by all up to the extreme.
Not for nothing, Baccara was and is called the play of the kings and as such, each individual Baccara player was treated by the Casino Seefeld.
The world championship was played by the valuation „longest hand“. The 11 best ones participated in the large final around a prize money of ATS 450.000,-/€ 32.702,- on Saturday, the 29th september at 23 o’clock.
ISA-CASINOS and the Guenther publishing house were proud to arrange the 3. Baccara world championship in form of a generous prize money as the main sponsor. Also the ISA-CASINOS could describe its Casino program and bring it nearer to the visitors. For the good co-operation with the Casino Seefeld and with Dir. Steger, as well as the whole Casino team, the ISA-CASINOSs and its partner Guenther publishing house would like to thank cordially.

Every day the Baccara players were able to qualify for the large final and the winner of the day additionally got a prize money of 40.00 ATS for the longest hand. Up to 11 players could qualify themselves in the days from 26-29 september. Especially was the atmosphere of the Italian Baccara friends, who had appeared numerous.
In the final evening it was an outstanding Baccara match with a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Up to the last 3 players, who were cheered by the standing guests, it was extraordinary exciting. Afterwards the Baccara boss Ronald Carpenter could present the winner cup with the prize money of ATS 100.000.- to the South tirol man Alois Bacher. Second and vice- world champion was Abi Krasnici from Salzburg and the third place went to Hans Jörg Schwabl, also from South tirol.

The Italian, Signora Condemi from Rome could receive the total price for the longest hand, a Mont Blanc masterpiece.
Once again one saw, that Baccara is a special, outstanding and popular play, that has friends int the whole world.
The ISA-CASINOS and the Guenther publishing house congratulate again quite cordially the new world champion Alois Bacher to his world champion title in the third Baccara world championship 2001 and we are looking forward to the fourth WM in the Baccara world championship 2002 in the Casino Seefeld/ Tirol.