Gauselmann AG Jubilee

Espelkamp. „The 25th jubilee of the Gauselmann AG is a visible expression for the unique success story of the family owned and operated group“, said the Joint Chairmen of the Board Paul and Michael Gauselmann. Each individual milestone leading up to the present day is quickly given: 1957 began Paul Gauselmann installing machines (initially jukeboxes) as a sideline; 1964, already with 15 employees plus his brothers Willi and Eugen, he took the step into full-time entrepreneurship; in 1967 the decision was made that Eugen Gauselmann would take over the newly created operating location in Beckum and Willi Gauselmann would be responsible for installation services based in Espelkamp; Paul Gauselmann would be solely responsible for production and sales, which was founded in 1970; in 1974 he opened the first entertainment center in Delmenhorst which has to become the foundation for a German and Europe wide chain of more than 200 modern entertainment centers; 1977 started the production of the first Gauselmann-made AWPs. The even then rapid growth demanded structures which would secure these early successes, and at the same time allow for further growth in the future. Consequently, in 1980 the Central Administration was founded – today Gauselmann AG – located in Espelkamp. The Central Administration consisted of personnel, communication, services, administration and finance.

The following ten years brought further rapid growth. The position of market leader in Germany was attained and continuously developed.

At the beginning of the 90s, the entrepreneur was aware that further strategic measures were necessary if the strived for goal of globalization for the East-Westphalian company was to be reached. The necessary capital could have been partly acquired by going public. With this in mind, the Central Administration became Gauselmann AG. Listing on the stock exchange has to this day not been realized. “In view of the turbulence on the so-called ‘new-market’, this was perhaps not the worst decision. When all is said and done, we are still a 100% family business”, says Paul Gauselmann.

In the 90s the East-Westphalian company became a true global player not lastly due to the step into the worldwide casino machine business with its Atronic subsidiary, which under the leadership of Michael Gauselmann has marketed products and services to 85 countries. During this time the Merkur-Sun became the epitome of modern entertainment.

In addition to Paul and Michael Gauselmann as Co-Chairmen, there are also Armin Gauselmann who is Board Member for personnel, real estate, the museum and the Gauselmann Foundation, and Karsten Gauselmann, head of the company vehicle fleet. As member of the Supervisory Board and Chairlady of the Board of Trustees with the Gauselmann Foundation, Karin Gauselmann also plays a vital role in the company.

During this jubilee year, the company looks back with pride to a successful year 2004. “Despite difficult economic conditions, the satisfactory turnover of the year before was able to be maintained and upheld”, said Paul Gauselmann. A world-wide revenue of approximately 670 m Euro was achieved. A sound that bases a continuing success in the current year.

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