Not show off, but mighty!

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

Wealth of ideas, play, fun and action, that’s the sign of the Card Casino Pokerworld.
The Pokerevent, which took place of 5.-8. September and where a prize money of a half million ATS was guaranteed, was played by 237 players.

It was not a surprise, that the guaranteed prize money was far exceeded also here. Also the first German pokerplayers, like Jörg Kudernack (German vice-master) came to participate in this event, which already made itself a fixed name in the pokerscene, because of its large success. Not at least the interesting structure of the play under the expert direction of Martin Pollak carries its proportion to the admittingness of the tournament. Christoph Haller and many other pokerplayers from Switzerland, America and the fixed master public of the Austrians appear regularly, when the Card Casino Pokerworld organizes a pokerevent.

The pokertournament was played over 4 days, where it changed between Seven Stud und Texas Holdem limit daily. Like for a long time proven, the participation in the tournament cost 200,- ATS (entry fee) again and the Rebuys and Add Ons 1.000,- ATS. Also the rich warm and cold buffet on saturday pleased again all pokerplayers.

The tournaments started in the evening at 19 o’clock and it was hardly fought for each final place. Each day 9 players could qualify for the final on saturday, so that up to 36 participants could participate in the final. However there was also the possibility of the double qualification of paticipants, for those who had the luck to qualify twice. Nevertheless 7 players achieved this. Their advantage was, that they could participate with more chips in the final. The final was with 29 participants an exciting and nerve-racking match.

Each final participant played again at the same time around points for the Pokerworld ISA-CASINOS Cups and got additionally presented by ISA-CASINOS and the Günther publishing house a casino-guide as gift. This valuable 4 colored casino book was received with large joy and many paged it during the final. The exciting final was played til 3.30 o’clock in the morning until finally the winner was certain. Mr. Legradi was the winner of the proud prize money of 204.130.00 ATS and took a cup home. Also the second place from Shan was recompenced with 108.070.00 ATS, followed by the the third place from Jacky, who was pleased about a prize money of 66.040,- ATS.

All in all it was once again an outstanding tournament, which enjoys of ever greater popularity.
An additional sensation was the start of the well-known and popular „banana wheels“. Again a brand-new car can be won. Each pokerplayer, who shows a full ace, can turn free at the „banana wheel“ now and can win attractive prices and has the chance to win the car. Here the management of Pokerworld shows, that playing poker combined with fun, maintenance and action is absolutely societyable.