Expansion of the news- and press offer from

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)
E-Mail: info@isa-guide.de

ISA-CASINOS cares with its partner Shadows Online for a further expansion of the offer in the news domain of casinos and casino sector. Shadows Online, the in the area of Germany well-known internet platform for mailing lists and advertisement mails, has joined to the press sites and news domain ISA-CASINOS.

Already on the first day the press releases were called and read 700 times. Additionally the well-known internet provider calls the attention to the additional service in his daily dispatched mailing lists, which he now offers as a partner of ISA-CASINOS.

With this additional service the ISA-CASINOS takes care that the news of their casino partners will achieve an extended and additional clientele and so still more user are informed about the happenings round the casinos and casino-scene.

With this partnership the ISA-CASINOS and Shadows Online enable a further undreamt-of advertising measures, because our partners achieve a still more larger clientele and differentiated target groups with their presentations and banners.

Shadows Online and ISA-CASINOS are with their newsletters and the mailinglists dispatch an outstanding team, that can and will directly stand up for the interests of their partners.

We are pleased, that we have done a further step into future in the news- and article dispatch.