Ham and eggs for 99 cents, free accomodation and buffet comps, only at the AVI Hotel and Casino, Laughlin, and how it’s done (part two)

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Dear readers,

by popular demand and since we received numerous requests by email about this promotion, we decided to give you further informations about how and when to collect your free vacation.

Against the well-known saying, “there is no such thing as a free lunch”, well, for once we can say, yes, there is a free lunch out there.
The promotion we are about to tell you now is probably one-of-a-kind and something you definetely should know about. Whenever you plan your trip to Las Vegas, you should also consider spending a few days in the friendly South where the AVI Hotel and Casino is located right by the Colarado river. Just about 10 minutes out of Laughlin, you will find an Indian Reservation Casino that has more to offer than many other casinos you probably have seen before. To the ones of you fine readers who haven’t had the opportunity to catch up with the first report about the AVI, please click on the following link to get a complete update about the situation. Free Rooms in Nevada – Breakfast for 99 cents – the AVI resort in Laughlin, NV

As you may have read in our first report, this promotion says that you get 3 nights for free every 3 months (maximum 1x per quarter) and this also qualifies for a maximum of 6 buffets per person.
Nevada casinos‘ policy is to treat every customer like a king during his visit. Las Vegas lives only because of you, the visitor. And therefore it’s important to keep you coming back and bring your money into the desert. The casinos are tying everything possible to make your stay as pleasant and convenient as ever possible. „In Las Vegas, You are the king, and we give you something simply by walking through our doors. We want you to stay (and play) with us, (and not with them…).“ And that’s how come most casinos are offering those special promotions you can barely find in any other casino around this planet. Sometimes, those promotions are simply too good to resist, as the promotion you can get at the AVI in Laughlin, Nevada. What you get is a free vacation, fee food, and the best of it, absolutely no strings attached. No questions asked, simply put: a free gift for you.
However, you got to know how to get your free vacation. The team of ISA-CASINOS has checked it out and we’ll give you detailed informations about how to get your free vacation and your free buffets. So please make sure you’ll download this article and store it up till you decide to fly towards Sin City next time. Let’s hope that you’ll enjoy your stay at the AVI as well as we did, as the AVI is definetely the place to visit. It’s a MUST.

The AVI homepage is offering you detailed informations about all facilities, restaurants, gaming and entertainment options, etc. (link: www.avicasino.com). Travel descriptions, Players Club, concerts, spezial options, you will find it all well-described on ist homepage. We strongly recommend you to bookmark this site in your browser. And if you like to go to a movie show, here on the website you can check for show-times and even book and pay your ticket easy from your desk at home. You won’t miss the show for sure.

In order to get your free vacation, here’s what you must do:

Go on the website of the AVI-Casino, check it out and look for the fun-casino. Make your registration with your name and e-mail, and that’s all it takes. What you’ve got to do next is to simply play your favorite casino game, on-line. It has to be emphasized that this casino you find on the website is an all-non-money-casino. You will not wager any money and there is no way for you to lose anything. Simply put, it’s a fun-casino with fun-chips you’re playing with. While you play, however, you are given points for your playing time. Those points are accumulated in your player-account, and once you have enough points that qualify for your stay at the AVI, all you must do is contact any casino host at the AVI in order to get your room reservation confirmed. Upon registration you will be sent and email-confirmation with your personal password. You will need that one in order to log-in the next time you will play some black-jack, roulette, craps, videopoker, or whatever is your favorite casino game.
Should you run out of fun-chips, this does not mean that you are not eligible for your free vacation. Then all you have to do is go to the “casino cashier” and reload your account. They will automatically provide you with 1000 new casino points and the game continues. And once again, it is not meant to get you hooked-up to some internet casino, but the promotion is that you will get your free vacation by simply playing the free fun games at their website.

In addition to that, it is not important whether you win or lose while you play the fun-casino games. Also, it’s not important whether you play for high-stakes or simply place 1 dollar on one single number at roulette. It’s the games that count, and not the winnings you score.
When you do your registration, you will see the point menu somewhere on the website. It’ll explain you in detail how many points you need in order to get your room comped and how many points it takes for your buffet ticket. Somewhat like 35,000 points will give you your maximum stay and maximum number of buffet tickets, so that’s your magic number you have to score. Once you have accumulated the points you need, you can start making your travel arrangements. Accoring the rules of this promotion, you should contact a casino host who will assist you making your room reservations. Overseas travellers might have problems dialing up 1-800-numbers, so then simply shoot them an email with your informations and they will take care of it.
Once you get to the AVI, everything else gets easy. Your buffet comps can be redeemed at the casino host office. The offices are located across the lobby opposite the hotel registration. You will need your online account information in order to help speeding up the processing. Those comps are good for all buffet visits during your stay, but for no longer than 1 week once issued.
We double-checked with the friendly crew at the AVI, and they told us that this promotion is still good and running until further notice. Management reserves the right to cancel at any time, but there is no scheduled cancellation in sight.
To those of you who plan to visit Las Vegas next spring when there’s the brandnew megaresort „Wynn Vegas“ opening up, this is definetely the right time to start accumulating your points at the AVI fun-casino and spend a few days down in sunny Laughlin.

By the way, in addition to the regular facilites you will find at the AVI, there’s also a little liquor store with other groceries right on the AVI parking zone. Also, there’s a gas station where you can fuel your car before leaving the AVI. However, it is well-known among professionals that gas prices are lower on the Arizona state side due to lower taxation. It is therefore recommended that you do that 2 minutes’ drive across the bridge to Arizona and fuel over there. It will save you at least 2-3 Dollars you can then spend for breakfast at one of those numerous restaurants nearby.
Before you rush to your telephone and book your flight to Vegas, make sure you have enough sun lotion in your suitcase. Laughlin is famous for being sunny almost all year through and the temperature gets high during the summer season. Even in spring and fall temperatures can get in the mid and high 30s (Celsius). Rain is rare, snow is almost non-existent, so leave your warm clothes and your umbrella at home and don’t forget your sunglasses and your sun-lotion. Your 3 nights at the AVI are about to be sunny, and we hope that Lady Lucky will also shine on you there.

You’ll be suprised about the huge gaming variety. With over 800 slots (most of the have ticket-in-out-options) and over 20 live game tables with all kinds of games, there is certainly enough gaming around to please you. And for those of you who like to visit the „big city“, Laughlin is just minutes away by car and has about 12 more casinos to choose from. On your way to Laughlin you will pass some Championship Golf courses and the derrific desert view will certainly be impressive fort he „non-desert-inhabitant“.

Have fun in the sun, and enjoy the AVI in Laughlin. Let us know how you liked it, and tell your friends about this sensational bonus info for casino friends.