ISA-CASINOS Interview-Series – Part 20 with Gustav Struck, INGO CASINOS

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

(rs) We are speaking with Managers, Directors, Shareholders and Personalities from the Gaming- and Casino-sector. ISA Casinos is questioning current issues and interesting news for you. Today we are talking with Mister Gustav Struck, owner of the INGO CASINOS in the Czech Republic.

Introduction of the person: Gustav Struck, owner of the INGO CASINOS in the Czech Republic.

ISA-CASINOS: How did they come into the Casino industry?

Gustav Struck: Personally I can not tell that much in general, I did get to the Casino as the maid to the child. I had the possibility of obtaining a gaming house concession and implemented this then in the form of opening Casinos and of creating the INGO CASINOS. I invested into the Casinos and am now the shareholder and the owner of the Casinos.

ISA-CASINOS: Which experiences do you have in gambling houses?

Struck: In order to being faithful, I did not possess any know-ho with gambling houses and I had not been ever before in any Casino. I was the opinion, that this was a good thing and so I simply put it into a test. For me this decision to venture it was a new business challenge.

ISA-CASINOS: Your Casinos are all close by the German border. How do they withstand the rivalry?

Struck: I do not think that we are facing an overdone competition. We offer an excellent service, an international flair and also all well-known table and automaton gambles in our houses. Our guests come from Germany, Austria and naturally also from the entire Czech Republic. I would say rather that we are some kind of a competition for others.

ISA-CASINOS: Which gambles are offered in your houses?

Struck: We offer French as well as American Roulette. Here we begin with a pool of one Euro each. The maximum is on simple unit chances 10,000 Euro. Of course also Black – Jack and poker games, too, like also Baccarat soon. At ours the „Live-Gamble” is still being much more intensified played than in Germany. With the automaton plays we are on the newest technical level and offer a wide range of various devices. Additionally we accomplish distinguished tournaments within all precincts in our houses.

ISA-CASINOS: How would you like to access with your Casino group the public in the German Austrian market, too?

Struck: We obtain our guests with an extraordinary service, our elegant Casinos, by our beautiful and well led restaurants and outstanding cuisine, by our famous international events. An attendance in our Casinos is at the same time also an experience for guests, which is very important, also for their companions. Additionally we support it by good marketing and purposeful advertisement within the printed media and the on-line range. We are also on your platform of the ISA CASINOS already for years represented. Our aim is to address by doing so it to all guests in Europe.

ISA-CASINOS: Are you contented with the results and the numbers of customer, as well as the turnover in your Casinos?

Struck: I can say with certainty that I am contented with any at all results in all regions. Each year our rate of increase rose. We are particularly proud also of the concourse of new guests and Primo-visitors. Daily there are coming to us at present up to 60 guests more to our gaming houses, who were not introduced before to our Gaming Houses and that in all casinos. Where upon I am naturally particularly proud. Because of thus it is to be recognised clearly that our business policy, service and duty in service in this kind are gladly accepted.

ISA-CASINOS-CASINOS: Where do you see the most clear-cut changes in the last years?

Struck: There are ever more Casinos on the entire market. Here one could say casually: „many cooks spoil the broth.“ The entire public behaviour changed strongly and it was put more value on the industry of the services and Events. It is internationally seen the automaton plays are strongly be gaining ground. Therefore already alone we are proud on the fact that our „Real-time Gambles“ are still played by a broad public. The fact that automat plays have in the meantime completely a different position in the Casino area is clear. But in Czech Republic the table plays are still more popular than the automat play here. Our players wish to have more the personal contact to the Croupiers and table plays are more exciting for most. We hope that this remains in such a way also for the future.

ISA-CASINOS: Do they adapt to the technical trends in the automaton games?

Struck: It is to be always been very important with the automats on the newest state of the art. We consider in all our Casinos. ISA CASINOS: In their houses also tournaments in the Black are played – Jack and Poker. Are therein addition still further plans? Struck: Momentarily we have in addition no further action need. Our Casino – tournaments are visited well and are well-known the far over borders. Naturally we can adapt immediately and they extend, should this be necessary.

ISA-CASINOS: Well trained personnel are important for each Casino. How does it look with them with basic and advanced training?

Struck: We have very experienced teachers and to form our Croupiers in all our Casinos naturally out. Announce themselves many young humans, for who it makes fun to exercise this occupation. Naturally it has also advantages, if the Croupiers originates from the own rows and is in the best way familiar with everything. ISA CASINOS: Do they offer also advanced training programs for Croupiers? Struck: That is made with us regularly, ever according to need. The Croupiers is trained in all ranges and understands its handicraft.

ISA-CASINOS: Internet became in the meantime an important market instrument. Are there in addition plans?

Struck: We know that we have here still another pent-up demand. Here we must improve and become still substantially to also do. Here there is still some „to grab“.

ISA-CASINOS: Are on-line plays respectively on-line Casino planned with you?

Struck: We plan it, it however still another little will last. We must still wait for in addition the legal situation.

ISA-CASINOS: Ever more gaming houses place themselves to the problem of the play craze. How does your enterprise deal with it?

Struck: There will always be Play-addicted. We have trained personnel, who pay attention to it, to recognize and speak with them then about.

ISA-CASINOS: What comes to your mind spontaneously, if you think of special occurrences during your activity?

Struck: There occurs to me now so much, which you cannot build into this interview even at all. The most beautiful however probably is that one meets a lot of people there, who come from all social classes.

ISA-CASINOS: What has induced you to organise as the auspices of the European the gulf championship of the Croupiers 2004?

Struck: Since the Czech Republic is now in the European Union, the cause was in the best way suitable to bring the Casinos nearer and introduce themselves among each to one another. This was for me an additional motivation. This possibility of converting this into the reality offered itself now for this. For me it was important that we could notice the opportunity to invite gulf players from the Casinos from the complete Europe in order to introduce each other among themselves better also here to learn in the Czech Republic. I know of course also from our past experiences, which we made within the range of the sport, how important it is that the Croupiers exchanges itself among themselves and not only in the play halls, but with a fair and sporty match.

ISA-CASINOS: Can you draw by now a personal balance to the gulf tournament?

Struck: As you see, the tendency is distinguished and the Croupiers are in good mood. A balance to set up already here would be too premature. I think however, we can all with this gulf tournament be content. (edit. remark, The question was asked during the gulf tournament) I would like however particularly to thank Mr. Suender and Mr. Jung my two managers, who could make actually by their work only all this possible. As in the passed years they showed that both are an outstanding team. I legend with pride and also an internal satisfaction that I can rely on my managers fully and completely.

ISA-CASINOS: If you had three wishes for free, which occurs to you apart from wealth spontaneously?

Struck: To me occurs completely spontaneously that I do not have to do anything with wealth, it would be completely beautiful if would happen in my life, but there I am far from it. Secondly is that I am rather desire-less lucky. My third wish is that it pleases our guests in our Casinos that they use our service, which we offer, plentifully and feel convenient staying with us.

ISA-CASINOS: Which Hobbies do you have?

Struck: There you will be astonished, my whole passion, my whole life is nature, animals – the whole bird world especially. Additionally I have a fish wholesale with tropical fish, and this since 34 years. Altogether are also here approx. 30 employees employed. At most however the bird breed and care have me.

ISA-CASINOS: What do you do in your spare time as remedial against the stress in the everyday life?

Struck: I go into the Casino. There I can ease, there can I recover, there I feel well and for remedial exercise I go outdoors in free nature.

ISA-CASINOS: In the Casino you enjoy there rather the Ambient or do you play also, too?

Struck: I must unfortunately admit that I am a Non-player, but I love the Ambient in the Casino, the conversation with our clients and customer.

ISA-CASINOS: Thank you for the conversation.