Secret post by ISA-CASINOS

(rs) The [key:IC] set fresh measures on the care of customers. A service, that searches for his equal in the casino-scene, is now offered from the [key:IC].

Every visitor our homepage has now the possibility to select a free email- address with his personally wanted name. The [key:IC] created this new service for their customers, so that they can bring the hottest news nearer to them.

For our partners, this service offers further unknown possibilities for their publicity. Through the choice of the email- adress, which could optionally runs on or, the users of this fantastic offer take care for the propagation of the name [key:IC] and thus for an european and worldwide publication of the [key:IC] partner.

What you have to do for this exclusive service in the casino-scene? Nothing.

Only write an email to, give him your wanted name, password and the host-names (we are quite prepared to help you) and after one day, your email-address will be ready for action. The only requirement to use this service, is an email-program like MS Outlook.

Obviously, we will still work on our services. There will be a SMS-service soon, so that our publicity-partners will be in everybody’s mouth again.