The ISA-CASINOS is pleased to announce the further growth of their business

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

(rs) The Spielbanken Hamburg became part of the group on the ISA-CASINOS. The benefit and the professionalism of the ISA-CASINOS that the Spielbanken Niedersachsen already gaining will now are available for the Spielbanken Hamburg as well.

Since the 13.07.2001 the Spielbanken Hamburg realised the perfect symbiosis of spirit of the age and actuality as well as the customer care options the ISA-CASINOS are able to deliver.
A main reason for this decision was the realisation that working as a group is creating the biggest benefit for the user as well as maximum success for the entire group.
Eventually the casino world realised the positive impact of value for money and easy to use due to the explosive growth of the WWW. The demand to create a common „platform“ is required more then ever.

The ISA-CASINOS event diary is just a further example for this cutting edge trend. With a mouse click the user is getting all relevant information for the required casinos and our partners on screen that leads to efficient advertising. Together with their business associates the ISA-CASINOS are doing their up most to offer up to date information and convenient use. Beside the frequently visited the news page is presenting further benefits to our associates.

The ISA-CASINOS excite their clients with daily and monthly Lotto and therefore create more important advertising space for our partners. Up to date reports, done on site providing further awareness to our associates in the entire casino world.

The English part, which is being created at the moment, will bring further benefits to our partners in terms of more efficiency and price sensitive value for money to be sold to the public.
Due to the prosperity of the internet where a constant redevelopment is essential the ISA-CASINOS is already in negotiations with the Spielbanken Berlins, Schleswig Holsteins und Kiels to offer further services to their clients.