Peter Karall won the Pokerworld-ISA-CASINOS World Cup at the Card Casino

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

(rs) The first round started at 19:00 o’clock and 44 player participated in it to qualify themselves for the finals on Saturday evening. They played Omaha Pot Limit with unlimited Rebuys and an Add On for ATS 1.000,-. 86 Add Ons and 28 Rebuys were bought on the first day. Due to this fact prizes of about 158.000,- ATS were „collected“. The 12 places for the final table on Saturday contested till dawn. 300.000 ATS were motivation enough to fight for the places on the final table.

On Saturday the tournament continued at 14:00 o’clock. Although Vienna was suffering on 35 degree and the very unusual time for a tournament, 45 players found the way to the Casino. On this day Hold’em Pot Limit with unlimited Rebuys and an Add On for ATS 1.000,- was played. Reinhold Schmitt, participated in this tournament and qualified for the finals at 17:00 o’clock (without points for the ISA-CASINOS Cup).

The final was very fascinating and full of action. No chip was donated and everyone was fighting with claws to get a seat on the final table. For all poker player the Pokerworld was offering a free buffet and everyone got a pen sponsored by ISA-CASINOS.

After hours of heavy fights the final table was fixed. Hans Pfisterer and Reinhold Schmitt got also their seats at the final table.

After all Hans Pfisterer (11.780,- ATS, 7th place) and Reinhold Schmitt, ATS 14.720,-) were loosing their seats on the final table.

ISA-CASINOS congratulates the winner of July, Peter Karall, for his performance. Although the Love Parade was held in Vienna, Petrus sent us 35 degrees and the time schedule was quite unusual for a Poker tournament, the tournament was a great success. This is maybe caused by the good name of the Pokerworld – ISA-CASINOS World Cup and the first class poker offered by the Pokerworld Card Casino. The perfect service at the Card Casino Pokerworld also is a fact which influences the friendly atmosphere in this Casino.