ISA-CASINOS new Casino-Calendar is online now

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

(rs) The ISA-CASINOS has made a new progress in „seeking-services“ in the whole Casino-sector. New trends in customer care and the seeking service are out now.

Every user knows the problem: He is looking for a certain page or piece of information about Casinos or gaming, but instead of getting all the information needed from one page he has to seek through hundreds of useless pages without the necessary information.
The ISA-CASINOS help these desperate users!
Every customer fins a calendar on the main page of the ISA-CASINOS. By clicking the required date he gets quickly all events, Poker -, Black Jack -, Roulette -, Baccarat-tournaments and slot machines of our Casino-partners from all over Europe visibly, easily and clearly structured.

Our visitors have now the possibility to plan their events months or weeks beforehand till the 31.12.2001. Without clicking lots of pages and ruin their eyes by searching for the necessary information. This service is unique in the whole Casino-sector.
This means that all events, also short termed tournaments, are available every time and everywhere for our partners and customers.
It is possible to visit and plan a certain event for our users.

ISA-CASINOS now stands for customer care and service for all of our partners and user.
Our main target is to provide a service which stops the hours of seeking for all Casino-visitors. We provide Europe wide and worldwide everything out of one hand for our Casino partners.
All Casinos in Europe now start understanding that a shared platform for advertising in the web is
absolutely necessary.
You trust in us! The ISA-CASINOS „your Intenet-Casino-Guide worldwide“.