betandwin moves to scotch rumours in the marketplace

In response to the many inquiries it has received recently from investors regarding the high volatility in the trading of its shares, betandwin has issued the following statement in order to dispel the current uneasiness of the market:

  • Contrary to isolated rumours on the market, as far as the development of the company is concerned, no unusual events have occurred to date that might invalidate the statements made at the press conference immediately before the Annual General Meeting and at this year’s Annual General Meeting itself, or the facts published in the quarterly reports. The current quarter is developing better than the company anticipated due to the successful acquisition of new customers in the second quarter of 2004. Further details can be found in the press release dated 17 August 2004 issued as part of betandwin’s compulsory reporting.

  • betandwin has issued 150,000 new shares that were approved for official trading on the Vienna Stock Exchange on 20 August 2004. This capital increase was made from authorised capital by the exercise in May 2004 of performance-dependent management stock options. After this increase, the equity capital of Interactive Entertainment AG now stands at EUR 12,200,950. Details of this stock option award were published in the Wiener Zeitung on 3 June 2004 in compliance with the Companies Act. These options are in no way connected with the expiry date of the call options issued by RCB. The co-CEOs have not sold any betandwin shares in recent weeks.