5. Poker masters in the Casino Seefeld, Tyrol/Austria

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)
E-Mail: info@isa-guide.de

(rs) Seefeld, Tyrol was the venue of the Pokermasters from 21.06.01 – 23.06.01. This event now had its 5th birthday and is a fix-star in the Pokerscene anyhow. Everything was well organised and prepared for the guest.

3 tournaments, the Texas Hold’em Pot Limit for 3.000,- ATS with one Rebuy and one Add on, the anniversary tournament for 5.000 ATS (a Seven Card Stud – Split Limit with a Rebuy and an Add on)and last but not least the Omaha – Pot Limit for 4.000,- ATS with a Rebuy and an Add on.

51 players participated in the Texas Hold’em Pot Limit and bought 21 Rebuys and 37 Add ons. On the first day they collected prices for 303.437,– ATS, but 2 % of the total amount of price money was kept for the best all-round player of all 3 tournaments.

After this tournament Harald Casagrande got a price of 91.300,- ATS.

39 player took part in the anniversary game and bought 15 Rebuys and 32 Add ons. In this game there were also 395.675 ATS collected as prices. The lucky winner, who was chipleader at the end of all tournaments, rejected a deal. His price was 118.700,- ATS

Fierce battles were fought over the Omaha Pot Limit tournament. 38 participants, who bought 17 rebuys and 28 add ons, fought for every single placing, every single position. Because of this the fights for the final table was interesting and really full of action, certainly the award as best allround player was an additional incentive to win this tournament. As a whole the 14 final-players went 17 times all in before the 9 „survivors“for the final table of the last 14 final player were fixed. In the final Antonio Turrisi won against Philipp Marmorstein during a interesting final. The proud winner can be lucky for 92.700 ATS on his bank balance.

The best allround Player of the whole event was Bertram Malang who took part in just 2 tournaments (Texas Hold’em and Omaha, 3rd and 4th place). His price was 20.596 ATS so his bank director will be lucky to book all together 97.196 ATS on his account.
As a whole prices of 1.009.204 were paid out.

Personally we think that it was a pity that the facilites of the Casino Seefeld weren’t used the way they could be, because just a few poker player took part in this fascinating event.