ISA-CASINOS – New outfit for the best content

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

A successful company needs engaged staff, good customer care and an impressing and interesting website. As you might have seen the ISA-CASINOS homepage is in absolutely new layout and creative design. On top of our start page you’ll find our new logo.

We’ve chosen this logo because most of our customers did like it. It perfectly shows the symbols which our customers relate with a casino. The green color symbolizes a connection to the card tables and the ivory – colored roulette ball also shows the relation between ISA-CASINOS and the casinos. The association with our casinos is logical and every customers knows what the homepage is about – a representative and prestigious platform for the most successful casinos in Europe.

Speediness and topicality are well known terms of our new generation. A successful online-company is just as good as its online presence. As we set up a new server we can grant our customers a much quicker connection to each of our sites and more comfort in searching special pieces of information.

On the start page we consciously did without boring welcome sentences in order to get a fast start up. We directly linked the start up page to the news sector, one of our most interesting pages. There you can see the perfect combination of an easy menu and modern layout. The daily appearing news are impressing our customer and good informed users enthuse about the articles. As we want to offer a good publicity value we installed a „User-Poll“. All users can vote for their preferred game. Of course our proved and popular sites, like online games, rules and event calendar are still part of our web presence.

Within the next months we will have all sites translated into English. Consequently the ISA-CASINOS offers beside actual information more and more internet advertising possibilities.

The German and the English pages were subdivided to grant a selective and target group related advertising. This increased the efficiency of the advertisements significantly. ISA-CASINOS is not only online an important advertising partner, we also work together with magazines and publishers worldwide which offer selective marketing possibilities and target group related advertising space.

In conclusion we can say that topicality, speediness, modern design and good customer care are the new catchwords of the ISA-CASINOS online advertising campaign. Everything in combination with the proved efficiency of ISA-CASINOS so that we can claim that we are the best casino online information service in the big web dessert.