Bruno Fitoussi won the 1st Worlds Heads Up Poker Championsships in CCC in Vienna

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

From the 29.05. – 09.06.01 the Austrian Masters took place in the CCC Vienna. The whole Poker world was looking at Vienna where a completely new and innovative Poker event took place.

During the Austrian Masters in Vienna several first class Poker events caught the eyes of the visitors, like the 1st Worlds Heads Up Poker Championsships, which was organised from 02.06. – 05.06.2001.

Players from all over the world like Phil Helmuth, Amarillo „Slim“ Preston, Lori Robertson, Ted Forrest, Adam Schoenfeld, Vincent Oliver, DanielNegrenau, Ron Rose etc. from USA, Dave Mosley, Ian Dobsen, Gary Bush, Simon „Aces“ Trumber from UK, Christiph Haller, Michael Keiner, Henry Novakowsky (Final Player at the WSOP 2001, 7. place) from Germany, Bruno Fitoussi from France and several other well known Poker players participated in the games.

Nearly the whole Poker elite from Europe came to Vienna. Although or because of the variety of Poker games, which were played every day, the Championship enriched the whole tournament.
The organisation was done very professionally by H. Kremser and Thomas Lamatsch. There was no pause to take a breath between each tournament, which was finished every day.
Simon „Aces“ Trumber (England) won the Texas Pot Limit Holdem tournament (Buy in 20.000 ATS) and got 585.150,– ATS.

Siegfried Raht (Austria) won the Limit Holdem (Buy In 1.000 ATS), Jophes Amrosi (Austria) the 7 Card Stud (Buy In 1.000 ATS), Martin Pollak (Austria) the Limit Holdem (Buy In 2.000 ATS), Shawn Hayes (England) the Pot Limit Omaha (Buy In 5.000 ATS), Dave Mosley (England) the Worlds Heads Up Poker Championship Pot Limit Omaha (Buy In 10.000 ATS + 500 ATS), Phil Helmuth (USA) the No Limit Holdem (Buy In 10.000 ATS), Johann Brutti (Austria) the Limit Holdem (Unlimit Rebuys 5.000 ATS) and Alexander Kravchenko (Russia) the Pot Limit Omaha (Unlimited Rebuys + Add on 2.000 ATS)

The 1st Worlds Heads Up Poker Championsships was lead by Nic Szeremeta, Jon Shoreman, Phil Hellmuth jun, Thomas Kremser and Richard Geller, President of the World Heads Up Poker Organisation.

It’s slogan was „Now lets find out who is really the best“

75 Poker player fought man against man for hours. Chris Bigler (CH) fought for 9 hours till he was beaten. This was quite usual, in nearly every Poker Match it took ages to find a winner. No jeton or minute was donated and the games where played by the K.O system. All loosers were sorted out immediately and the winner climbed up one more round. This system reminds to Tennis and all players think it would be really good if some small changes were adapted to make the fights a bit shorter.

Christoph Haller gave us a interview: „This is one of the fairest and best tournament modus which exists. In a fight man against man there is no place for swindles like in other tournaments. This should be the future of the modern Poker tournament, interesting and fascinating for all.“
Chris Bigler told us that this kind of tounament isn’t bad but the limits should raised after some time to make the fights a bit shorter and more interesting.
Christoph Haller and Chris Bigler spoke for quite a lot of Poker player, such as Henry Nowakowski, (Germany), Christian Walczewski (Germany), Andreas Krause, Germany), Hans Pfister, (Switzerland).

Phil Helmuth jun. and Simon „Aces“ Trumper told the ISA-CASINOS that they like to take part in some more Hands Up Tournaments, because they think this would be the future.
Amarillo „Slim“, Preston (USA) and Bruno Fitoussi (France), were the finalists and at the last day of these interesting Poker event the Finals were planed.
The Finals were started on a own podium and the visitors were allowed to sit around the final desk. The expected long lasting fight was also published live through the internet.
But after 10 minutes the first Worlds Heads Up Poker Championsships was found.
Bruno Fitoussi’s won against Amarilo „Slim“ Preston.

We congratulate the new World’s Champion and his Vice Champion. This new structure of tournament and the excellent organisation should be copied and sponsored.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the CCC Vienna.