Ten years in the name of the dice European Seven Eleven is celebrating its birthday

Ten years ago, on June 3 1994, the dice game European Seven Eleven premiered for the first time at Casinos Austria – a European premiere – where it’s been played exclusively ever since. European Seven Eleven is a dice game in which guests have a multitude of different ways of playing, and can bet on any kind of result.

An important part of the game is that the guest gets to throw the dice. In the beginning of the 1990s, Georg Zadro, a Casino employee, developed a European version of the game, which is adapted to European casino visitors.

The roots of the European game lie in the ‚Hazard‘ game, which comes from Arabic realm, and made its way via Europe (it first appeared in Corsica in the 8th century) into the ‚New World‘. It was first enthusiastically played as ‚Craps‘ or ‚Seven Eleven‘.
In casinos in the United States ‚Craps‘ is one of the most popular games. A more detailed explanation of the game can be found in Casino Baden any time, or online at http://spiel.casinos.at.
Photo: Georg Zadro, deputy director of the Casino Baden and inventor of European Seven Eleven (printing free of charge)
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