Unicum announces 24 new slot machines.

Moscow, April 30. – New games presentation for three different platforms produced by the leading Russian manufacturer and distributor, Unicum, took place in Moscow on April, 29th. The organizers of the event occupied the fresh-built casino and entertainment centre “Molodaya Gvardia” and gathered over 400 gaming executives and operators from all regions of Russia and CIS, and Unicum’s international partners.

Two major developments in Unicum’s recent activities became a reason for this meeting. Since March 2004, Unicum has started producing Celebrity and Ambassador slot machines for the Russian and CIS markets. The popularity of Australian games in this region made the company’s specialists adapt over two dozens of Ainsworth’s games. Australian and European representatives, including the founder of the company, Len Ainsworth, came to Moscow to see a launch of Russians version of 14 new games for Unicum Celebrity machines and 13 games for the Unicum Ambassador platform ready to face the market.

“The main advantage in the cooperation between Unicum and Ainsworth is that we are producing machines of different levels under the brand name of Unicum. It gives more confidence to customers, because Unicum stands for security and credibility in the Russian market. What we see as another big advantage is that Unicum produces slot machines in Russia. It is much cheaper than it takes Ainsworth to manufacture a machine and then to ship it here” – commented Georg Steiner, the managing director of Ainsworth.

Another very special and important announcement made by Unicum’s representatives at the party was a launch of Unicum’s own product, the platform AIT-5. The machine is designed to provide an extended set of features typical for the premium-class slots for an affordable price. AIT-5 supports multigame mode (four video slots and a video poker), fascinating 3D graphics, advanced animation and possesses a touchscreen feature. All these advantages were presented in a new game TamTam, developed by Unicum’s programmers and designers. Its game story is rather unusual for slot plots and amazed the visitors with “Black flowers dance” and “Spirits smile” bonus games. TamTam’s rich animation and detailed graphics attracted a great number of people to these machines.

“While working on the Tamtam project we tried to consider all specifics of the gaming process and offer a player something really entertaining. Popularity of video games and their “interactivity” induced our designers to come up with a game that would capture player’s mind not only with alluring bonuses but also with an interesting storyline and pictures. The game is ready to go out to the Russian market and we are planning to start sales in June.” – comments Yury Larichev, the vice-president of Unicum.

Overall, the organizers of the event point out a great interest shown by the Unicum’s guests to its latest games and solutions. The expending Russian gaming market follows every new product and technology in the pace for the player. The atmosphere of the coming May holidays was also heated up by modern hi-tech decoration of the entertainment centre and a show based on a Hollywood movie “The fifth element”. The brand new Unicum’s machines, bright displays and games fitted well in the movie theme, model stewardesses and live music.

Anastassia Kojemiakina

PR Manager

Unicum Group of Companies