The World of illegal Game of Hazard – Online Poker (Part 1)

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

At the beginning of the Century the real boom in the domain of Online Poker Gambling has begun. For this occasion ISA-CASINOS like to furnish some background information on this theme to you. It will enable you to create ones own opinion and to comprehend what it is about at all. Afterwards you will understand why it cannot be in the interest of who offers his services to manipulate the Chance-Generator or to forfeit the pay-outs respectively Re-paying to the various financing services companies or to carry it out defectively. (as the permanent statement of the proprietors) you might get information about it, how is it going and which niceties and differences exist between the Online Poker and „Live-Poker“, such as you might already know from your Casino visits.

ISA-CASINOS like you to be making up an own objective opinion about it, without trying you to persuade that you have to want to or to animate you that are going to sit at your computer and be starting any downloads.

With the introduction of the Internet the world began to come closer. We are communicating today with people from the whole world per E-mail or in Chat-Rooms – and that all functions in highest speed. By now it is already possible to talk over the Video-Telephone to other people. The information-exchange on the data-highway is nearly unlimited and is been effected in High Speed – and in few years we will have on the whole world wire-less Internet, which will enable us to go online from any reasonable place on earth by our Laptop.

But it has to be mentioned that we human bias this new tool, the internet, are bump against limits that no one ever could earlier have thought of to be possible. This requests of us the acceptance and the readiness to learn new things and to deal with the know-how and the options responsibly. One of the new possibilities that are offered in the internet, is the Internet-Gaming, respectively more precisely the theme Internet-Poker, which ought to be introduced within this report.

While there have been just some 3.000 Gamblers registered 5 years ago and their Gaming-Accounts have been opened, so they are today esteemed to be over 10 Million Gamblers registered. This figure is going to be most likely to double once again within the next 2 years and the trend is not to stop anymore. It is interesting by this statistic that there is no other sector world in the Game of Hazard that is comparable to the fast boom as the one of Internet-Poker. Nevertheless many people even don’t know, what that at all is and how it works.

Virtual Poker-gambler

It is a snowy evening in December. In the office wasn’t anything special, the same paper-war and the telephones. He is happy to be back home. The TV-program is tonight again very modest, so he sits relaxed at his Computer and starts the internet. This Internet has caused changes that have drastically changed the entire future of Pokers‘ Game and he is happy that he has experienced these changes. Not all of his former Pokers‘ Player Friends have followed this trend, but the most did. At least 70 % of Poker-Players that he knows are using today the internet to play their chosen game.

But maybe the most remarkable of the differences to any other Live-Poker Game is that the game goes on non-stop –no matter whether he has logged him off or would remain at the table. The market is probable to be unlimited and in every minute of the day there are thousands of players worldwide in the net.
While in London the stroke of Big Ben is at midnight and one player with the pseudonym Big Bertha is drinking relaxed his last sip of tea and he has got the auto-post-blind-button deactivated while he is going to get done for his nights’ sleep, so there was just a player with the name Friendly Annie from Chicago logging in, who has just been finishing her dinner and is looking forward to having a few hours Texas Hold´em, Big Bertha and Friendly Annie have never met personally before, but it is possible that they were playing once together at the same Poker-Table. With the permanently changing Line-Up and the extremely high amount of registered players it is not always easy to remember on every name. But today there is already the possibility that one makes notes of certain players directly on the screen. And this means an additional help for someone to remember other characters.

With this new tool, to practise Poker-play via internet there have been Opportunities created that would have been regarded as unmanageable in the past. Also there are now persons who have now the chance to play, who live in areas where there have no Casinos or where no Poker is offered.

Besides there are of course those professionals. These are first-class Poker players, who are still making also other considerations. Instead of that they have to drive to an environment, where they are expecting the games to be highly taxed by the house, where the amount of hands per hours that are due to the slow manner of play than over the internet, and they have also to add in their calculation travel expenses, too, they are now about to get by this form of Poker Game new chances and better percentages, altogether there are however better qualification, to improve their performance. But these professionals are everywhere to be found, as well as the regular player, like he is. The majority of the players in the internet are on average or mediocre. Who at last sits behind the screen on the other side of the earth is known just fragmentary. There is the possibility that one makes himself notes about the players. Additionally it could be chatted with the players or that Email-addresses are exchanged and become acquainted to each other. Nevertheless nothing changes about the fact that this style of playing is rather held anonym while one is standing in a casino in publicity. Curiously have ISA-CASINOS been finding out at their last visit to Las Vegas, but also at many European big tournaments that the most of the players, with whom they were talking at the table, do play also in the internet. For someone, who has never seen in his life before, how something like this works, we like to give here an brief description about:

There is the keenest competition-battle on the internet, either referring to hotel-reservations, flight-journeys, trading in cars, or of course the casino-environment. Thousands of Computer-server offer worldwide Game of Chance of any type, and the same is supposed to be understood for Poker. ISA-CASINOS know up to now approximately 30 to 40 Poker-servers, of which about 10 servers are grossly dominating the market. Who is interested in a few laps of Poker over the internet, has first of all to download the game-software. Although there are some Poker-sites, where one could play without downloading, but the graphics are qualitatively worse, as on a downloaded version.

Basically Poker can be played with or without money-stakes. In the internet one has the option to play with Fun-Money or with Real-Money. Some of the servers offer even Fun-Money-Tournaments, where the player gets the chance, without having any money-stake done, to win money-awards, when he wins the tournament. This is a marketing-method of the online-game-proprietors.

In order to get qualified for the game, one needs to have a relatively fast internet-connection (CABLE or DSL is of advantage). As follows the registration has to be done. When the download of the game-software occurs, the game is going to be installed and afterwards one opens ones player-account. This account gets a name that could be chosen by one self, e.g. Uncle Dagobert. The Internet-Casino-Proprietors have Security-procedures that offer support and safety to the player at its maximum, according to their advertising. If there might sit partners at a table – and that is the problem by every Poker Game in the world – , then every player at the table has the opportunity, if something “unusual” should be striking, to inform the Support-services of the proprietor. Hence the Gaming-Behaviour of certain persons are to be proved and monitored.

For the regular player, there are Hundreds of tables in a frame of 2/4 and 3/6 Limit prepared.

Not at all we are recommending to our Readers, to clinch oneself to the illusion, it would be any of a useful idea, to run the Online-Poker-Game professionally and to quit the regular job. Of course, there are some people, who play daily 8 hours and make this as an income for a living.

Let us remember on the year 2003. A player from the USA makes his dream of the Century to come true. Thanks to a 40-Dollars-tournament from the Internet he wins a Buy-In for the Big Tournament at the Poker-World-Master-Award in Las Vegas. Chris Moneymaker, this is his real name, is doing quite well an wins against an international field of professionals, amateurs and Occasional-players. TV-cameras film the entire spectacle and even weeks afterwards Moneymaker is a celebrated hero. Although it is more than only a lucky hand needed, so it takes more than only luck, in order to get in this Poker-tournament at the Final-Table: Discipline and timing. More than 800 players have registered for the Main-Event, at the end is Chris Moneymaker winning the title for the World-Champion-of-Poker, after a 4-days-Poker-Battle! He receives a 18-carats Gold-arm-lace and also 2.5 Million Dollars Award. What had no one reached before him, Chris Moneymaker proved evidence for. Due to a tournament form the Internet for some lousy 40 Dollars Buy-In, he became a Poker-Millionaire. A few days ago there was another player at a tournament, who won one Million Dollar on a cruise-ship. The trend is always going on.

For the interested Reader we are going to summarise a few further background information to be continued.

This report will help you, to get acquainted to the Poker-Game from a new side and you will understand, why one should be bluffing less in the internet, as at a real table. In the internet, even that it might sound surprising, it is essentially more bluffed and there are essentially more bad calls as in the Life Poker Game.

Also the legal point of view will be highlighted that one is informed, about what is allowed and what not.