Access Gaming Systems Supplies La Française des Jeux with Internet Loto and Euromillions

BRAY, Ireland – Access Gaming Systems Europe (AGS) is pleased to announce the successful launch of Internet Loto and Euromillions at the French State Lottery, La Française des Jeux (LFDJ).

LFDJ already offer several innovative instant lotto games on the Internet, as well as „Cote et Match“ a fixed odds football betting game. „Loto“ is the core 6/49 product offered in France and „Euromillions“ is the new pan-European lottery game currently available in France, The UK and Spain. All of the above mentioned instant and draw games run on AGSs interactive technology with the draw games passing to the Gtech online central system via a specially developed gateway.

According to Paul Barnes, AGS Vice President of Sales & Marketing:

„We are very happy to assist LFDJ in this current stage of their interactive expansion. We have several new games and game types in planning, as well as new distribution channels. LFDJs games and channels will soon all be connected via 'Xenia', AGSs latest interactive platform“

Xenia is an extremely secure, linearly scalable, flexible, robust and high performance transaction processing architecture for interactive gaming via the Internet, interactive television and wireless networks. Access' previous interactive gaming system „ACES“ was the first Internet gaming system in the world to be certified by a government gaming authority in a fully regulated jurisdiction (The Northern Territory Racing and Gaming Authority, Australia).

AGS has licensed technology to major gaming operators in the USA, Australia, Austria, Germany, France, Holland, Norway and the United Kingdom. AGSs development staff are based in Bray, Ireland.

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For further information please contact Paul Barnes, Access Gaming Systems, Unit 6, The Maltings, Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland. Tel: +353 1 276 1903 or email: