The ISA-CASINOS (Reinhold Schmitt) is invited to talk about the „poker face“ in the WDR lunch-magazine situated in the studios of Karlsruhe at 14:30.

Poker is on a upward trend, poker players are well known and welcome guests in all German Casinos. The German Masters and lots of international Masterships (European Masterships, World Championship in Las Vegas (WSOP) are fixed in every poker player’s or Casino’s calendar. Some winners earn more than 3.000.000 DM and get additional prices like cars, watches, bracelets etc.

The ISA-CASINOS designed a really „Eldorado“ for poker players. Clicking the link „Poker“ on the user splashes into a platform full of information (rules, books, tricks, links to Casinos where poker is played, list of all important Cups) and fun (online-poker with pretty nice prices), everything for free and clearly structured.

How is Poker played?
How can you climb up the stairs of career and be a Winner, a Poker-Champion?
How do professionals play Poker?
What is important to know to win a Poker-game?

Discussing all this questions one word comes up like a cork to the surface – the „poker face“. Nobody forgets the scenes of the famous movie „Cincinnati Kid“ where the different scales of human mimic and gestures where shown. The „poker face“ is very important when playing professional or nearly professional Poker.

Some players hide their eyes behind dark sunglasses or caps to make it hard for their competitors to „read their minds and their cards“. Reinhold Schmitt, for his part a nearly fanatic and successful player (Winner of the 4th German Poker Masterships Jan. 2001 in the category Texas Holdem in Baden-Baden; participant in the finals in Las Vegas at the biggest Cup with 496 participants, category Texas Holdem, last year he came 8th; Winner of a Supersatelite for the WSOP from 14. of May to the 18 of May 2001, participant and placed in uncounted Cups and Final-desks in all over Europe), talks live with the interviewers of WDR 2 at 14:30. He will take us on a little trip through the world of Poker.